Galaxy S7 vs S6, Should you Upgrade or not?

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Samsung already announced Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and the device comes with some great specifications and new features. If you are already using Galaxy S6, will you upgrade to Galaxy S7?

Galaxy S7 vs S6 Design

This is something Samsung can’t help with. You can’t understand if someone is holding Galaxy S6 or S7 from distance. When you look closely, you will understand. Galaxy S7 carries almost the same design with glass on the back, and metal around sides. Galaxy S7 has 2 differences that can help you to recognize; Edge of Galaxy S7 is rounded like Note 5 on its back, and rear camera is not bumpy anymore. Front panel remained exactly the same.

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S7 vs S6 technical Specifications


First of all you should know that Galaxy S7 features Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 CPU, but Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 variant will not be available around the world. You will not have choice to choose one from them. Based on leaks, Snapdragon 820 performs better in both aspect; CPU and GPU. Samsung Galaxy S6 was available only with Exynos 7420 so there was nothing to consider. However, whatever model you choose, it would perform much better compared to Galaxy S6.


Samsung has also increased the RAM from 3GB in Galaxy S6 to 4GB in Galaxy S7, Display size and resolution remained the same (5.1 inches Quad HD display).

Storage and Water Resistant

Galaxy S6 didn’t allow to use MicroSD and it was not water resistant as well. However, Galaxy S7 allows to expand the storage with MicroSD card, and it supports up to 200GB, it is also water resistant under IP68 rating.


As far as camera is concerned, front camera pixel remained the same as 5-megapixel, but the aperture has been changed from f/1.9 in Galaxy S6 to f/1.7 in Galaxy S7, and this would help to capture better selfie. Rear camera pixel has been reduced from 16-megapixel in Galaxy S6 to 12-megapixel in Galaxy S7, but camera in Galaxy S7 in based on dual-pixel technology. So they also also improved camera quality. You can check Galaxy S7 Camera sample.

Battery and Thickness

So much improvement in battery. Galaxy S7 features a 3000 mAh battery compared to 2550 mAh in Galaxy S6, and faster charging has also been improved. It would be the battery that increased the thickness from 6.8 mm in Galaxy S7 to 7.9 mm in Galaxy S7. We have checked many forums and users opinion, and found that users care more about the battery compared to thickness.

Conclusion : Should you upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S7 ?


There are so many reasons to upgrade, like more powerful CPU and GPU, more RAM, better Camera, more battery, better faster charging, storage expandable option, Water resistant etc..


If you were expecting a quite different design, removable battery, and you are happy with Galaxy S6 performance, camera and battery. You can stick to Galaxy S6 or you may consider LG G5. LG G5 comes with a guaranteed Snapdragon 820 CPU without any regional restriction, better sound quality and also features a dual rear camera if you are looking for wide-angle shot.