What are the funny things you can ask or say to Siri

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Little Fun with Siri

Siri is a Voice Assistant feature found in Some Apple Devices, and its work is limited based on the device you are using. Along with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Siri is available on Apple TV as well as Mac. Along with finding information and completing some certain tasks, Siri also learns, e.g. You can make Siri learn how to pronounce your name.

Well, I am not going to tell you everything Siri can do, but I am here to tell you the funny things you ask or say to Siri, and get the witty answer. Let’s have little fun with Siri.

51 Funny things to ask Siri or Funny things to say to Siri

1. Siri Won’t Stop Talking if you ask her to “Stop Talking,” she doesn’t understand at all.

Stop Talking Siri

2. Siri understand the Shut language. Ask her to “Shut Up,” and she will write on screen rather than speaking. It seems she understands you are getting angry 😉

Shut profanity siri Shup up Siri

3. Siri is wise enough, and she changes answer when you repeat the same question. Tell Siri “You are fake,” and she will ask surprisingly if your are really talking to her.

Siri Fake Fake Siri

4. Siri can give you some witty answer about Game of Throne Characters if you ask. Ask her if Jon Snow is dead, and pretend to answer, but gives up in the end

Jon Snow Dead

5. Make Siri angry asking about her (adding little profanity). She acts like a real person

Siri Angry

6. Ask Siri to “Take a nap”

Take Nap Siri

7. Siri is down to earth. She accepts even bad things some how or the other even you say she is disgusting 😉

Siri Disgusting

8. Ask Siri if you should use an Android Phone

Siri About Android

9. Learn little soft skill from Siri

Siri Soft Skill

10. Tell Siri that She is wasting your time

Time Waste

11. Meet Apple Fan Girl when you compare Android and iOS 😉

Android vs iOS Siri

12. Samsung vs Apple with Siri

Sam vs Apple

13. Compare Google Now with Siri, and Siri will deny to Google it 😀

Google now vs Siri

14. Siri thinks practice is more important when you compare her with Microsoft’s Cortana Voice Assistant

Cortana Siri

15. Tell Siri that you are so drunk, and she would ask you not to drive, and underneath you get the option to book a taxi


16. Ask Siri if She want to dance, and she already does but you never realized 😉

Siri Dance

17. Ask Siri if her Ass is fat. She doesn’t have one, but she still minds 😀

fat Ass

18. Ask Siri if she is Naked, and it turns out wrong in many ways

Naked Siri

19. Hear Siri promoting iCloud asking if she wants to sing

Sing Siri

20. Do you like Apple Music?

Apple Music

21. You already asked if Siri likes Apple Music, but when you ask her if she likes Deezer, she says it’s about you, not her

Siri Deezer

22. Make Siri excited asking what is the best Operating System

OS Siri Best OS

23. Siri takes no time to tell iPad is the best tablet when you ask

Best Tablet

24. Siri doesn’t know much about laptops, but she think if the laptop is made by Apple, it is the best

Best Laptop

25. Do you know about the best mobile phone? Siri does, but you already have one

Best mobile phone

26. Did you know that Siri has rejected many marriage proposals? Ask her if she wants to marry you

Marry Siri

27. Condolences from Siri in awkward moment

Afraid Siri

28. Tell Siri She sounds like Angelina Jolie or some other actress

Siri Angelina Jolie

29. Now tell her She sounds like a Porn Star, and you will get quite different reply

Siri Porn Star

30. Tell Siri that she doesn’t answer questions correctly, and you will get confusing reply from her


31. Siri doesn’t know what she talks about

Doesnt know


32. Ask Siri if she can drive a Car, and she will ask you to check with KITT (two fictional character from a TV Series “Knight Rider”)

Drive a Car

33. Siri won’t agree if you say…

Siri denies

34. Meet emotional Siri

EMotional Siri

35. Siri makes no comment when you ask about her pregnancy

Pregnent Siri

36. When Siri refuses

Siri refuses

37. Get mad at Siri, and she would sound like an innocent girl

get Angry

38. Ask Siri if she hates you, and she sounds like she loves you, but check the next respond (39)

Hate Siri

39. Ask her if she loves you. Well, If she doesn’t hate you, you shouldn’t assume she loves 😀

Love Siri

40. Give Siri 2 options whether you should buy Apple or Samsung, and Siri will tell you honestly that She has been made to promote Apple. The most honest answer that any advertiser doesn’t give

Samsung Apple

41. Call Siri a stupid, and she will stuck at but… but…

Siri But but

42. Ask Siri about her father, and the answer is quite surprising

Siri father

43. How Siri handles query when you say “I’m naked…..” I am not sure why Siri asks to get out more in one instance 😀

Naked 4 naked 3 Naked 2

44. Ask Siri to do your Home Work to get inspired

Home Work

45. Ask Siri to put on clothes, and she will go to find your clothes in Music Library. She may try shopping malls, why Music 😉

Clothes on Siri

46. Learn some logic with Siri when you ask her to divide 0 by 0. It even makes Cookie Monster sad

Zero zero

47. Ask Siri if she believes you, and it doesn’t matter for her


48. What is the meaning of life? Siri thinks your life is to ask nonsense questions 😀

Life Meaning

49. Get mad at Siri

Mad at Siri

50. Ask Siri to tell you a short story, and you will know of the shortest story you have ever heard


51. Siri also reads Poem, but thats quite awkward

Poem Siri

51. Ask Siri to tell a story but in profanity way, and Siri will ask you to watch your language

Story funny