Smartphone market : Samsung vs Apple vs Xiaomi vs Huawei vs Lenovo/Motorola

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Smartphone has never been as competitive as now, and this competition will increase in future for sure. Samsung is the only company that produces so many models, and they are always at the top when it comes to number of smartphones shipped each year. They do it to keep the hold in smartphone market

However, shipment is not the primary concern for any company, but the profit. Apple stands at the second position in terms of shipment, but no company makes as much profit as Apple does. Most of the profit share comes from iPhones’ sales, and it has been booming leaps and bounds since last year when they launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple was forced to produce larger smartphones to stay competitive, and this turned out beneficial for the company. First time any country (China) sold more iPhones than its home country(United States).

Xiaomi put many smartphone companies in shame launching high-end smartphones at mid-range price, and there sale graph raised much higher than we expected. They also use more powerful battery in their smartphones compared to other companies that also attracts many users.

Have a look at the smartphone market share and shipment (in Million) data prepared by IDC

Smartphone shipment share Apple vs Samsung vs Xiaomi vs Huawei vs Lenovo or Motorola

That data was prepared in July, and they prepared a fresh data in August for smartphone market share. Motorola has been included under Lenovo. Have a look
Smartphone market share Apple vs Samsung vs Xiaomi vs Huawei vs Lenovo or Motorola

Huawei and Xiaomi both are going in the right direction with continuous increase in the number of shipment made. Lenovo jumped from 5.7 percent to 8 percent in 2014, and that could be because they acquired Motorola Mobility, but again in 2015 Xiaomi and Huawei pushed them backwards.

Samsung is loosing their grip from smartphone market each and every year. They have hold on 21 percent of smartphone market now that used to be 32 percent in 2012. Apple is ready to claim its 2012 position back when they had more than 16 percent of smartphone users. LG and some other companies are included in others because of the less share. Xiaomi has already claimed the 4th position among top smartphone companies, even their devices are available in few countries only.