Free Postcode / ZIP & Address Finder Services, Where to do search

There are times when you may need to look for addresses and postal codes. Where do you do a search? We will tell you some websites that can help you to find postal codes and addresses.

List of Postcode and Address Finder websites

Royal Mail Group (United Kingdom)

If you are from United Kingdom, you already know Royal Mail is the most popular and the oldest mailing service provider. Along with this, Royal Mail also works as Postcode and Address Finder, and it doesn’t cost anything. They have a limitation for finding 50 addresses a day on each IP. If you want to do more search, you can use proxy websites or VPN.

How to use Royal Mail Postcode and Address Finder Tool

Royall Mail Address Finder

Here are some other websites that works the same way Royal Mail does. These websites are useful to find Addresses or Postal Codes for United Kingdom only;

USPS (United States)

Searching for ZIP Codes or Address for US is little complicated compared to United Kingdom. It’s not as accurate as Royal Mail does. However, there is no such tools that can do the same job for US. Here is how you can use USPS’s Zip Code and Address Finder Tool.

  • Visit!input.action
  • Now you get 2 options to search; ZIP Code by Address and Cities by ZIP Code. You can select either depending on what you are looking for
  • Enter the detail in the field, and hit find button
  • Note : To look for ZIP Code by Address, you must enter at least City Name and select State

Find ZIP Code and Address in the US

Addresses (United States)

You can visit to find address, phone number detail or people. This is the best website to look for business addresses. Simple Enter the business type, and City/ZIP, and you will find the company or organization that are dealing in such business.

Put your Address in correct format (US)

If you are not sure how postal address is arranged, you should visit this website. Type the address in the format you assume to be the best, and hit Process this address button. It will put the address in correct format, and will also provide Street View link to navigate (if available).

NZPost (New Zealand)

If you are looking for a Postcode or Address of New Zealand, you can find it easily with NZPost. All you need to do is visit, enter the information you know, and hot Search button, and it will find the address and Postcode for you.

new Zealand Address FInder

Postcode and Address Finder Websites to use in Australia

These are some websites that you can use in Australia to find Address and Postcode;

You can find postcode and Address with Aupost, and they sale Postcode data to use it for noncommercial and commercial use.

Alternatively, you can use HopeWiser to find address and postcode. They require little information to find relevant address.

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