Download Top 26 Free Flash Games to Play Without WiFi or Internet

What is the best way to kill your free time? It depends on the kind of person you are, but these days people prefer indoor activity compared to outdoor. Earlier we discussed some cool things to do on the internet when you are bored and also talked about Google Gravity, and now we have got a list of top 25 free flash games that you may have played online, but you might not know that these games can be saved to your computer like any other files and you can play them without any internet connection. So you can save data and have fun at the same time.

25 Free Games that are also popular as Unblocked Games at School

If you go to Google and Type Unblocked Games at School, you will find many websites with online flash games. Most of those sites do include these 25 games in their list because these games are awesome. These games are playable anywhere as long as Flash Player is installed and activated. It doesn’t require any installation, so you will not require having Admin privilege to play these games on your computer.

No Wifi? No Problem! These are the Simple Requirement to Run Free Flash Games Without WiFi

  • A Windows/Mac/Linux/Chromium Computer
  • Internet Browser That Supports Flash Player. Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari is recommended, but you must have Flash Player Activated and Enabled. Google Chrome has known issue that the latest version doesn’t let you play offline flash files

Download Top 25 Free Flash Games That Will Run on Your Computer Without WiFi

We have hand picked these flash games and tested on our computer. These Games are awesome and you will love to play for sure. If you are not interested in the Offline Stuff, you can stop reading here and play free games online.

1. Run 2

Run 2

Run series game has 3 version, this one is the second one. Run 3 is made to play online only, so this version cannot be downloaded for offline play. In Run 2 Game, you can choose a Runner or Skater Character. The Runner Character can be controlled easily, but it can’t jump farther. The Skater character can jump farther, but it is hard to control. Whatever character you choose press Left and Right Arrow keys to steer and Space to jump. You can move the character in any direction.

Download Run 2 Now

2. Earn to Die

earn to die

Earn to Die is a Driving+Zombie Killing game. In the game, you need to drive the vehicle to and reach the required destination where a plane is waiting for you, so you can get away from this forsaken place. Every time you drive, you earn some cash, and you must use the money to upgrade the vehicle and buy a new one so you can drive longer. Crush the zombies on your way and keep driving.

Download Earn to Die Now

3. Bloons Tower Defense 5 (BTD 5)

btd 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 or BTD5 game by Ninja Kiwi is a great hit. This game is about defending the Tower and not letting any balloon pass. For this, you will set weapon on the ground. The weapon shoots automatically, but you must set properly so that it can shoot all of them. After earning enough cash, don’t forget to upgrade. Please note that when you open the game, you may see the error that it is not connected to the internet, but you can still play as a guest.

Download BTD 5 Now

4. BoxHead 2Play

boxhead 2play

Boxhead 2play is a zombie shooting game in which you will shoot zombies with your weapon. The game lets you play alone or you can choose to play in cooperative mode, so your friend can join and you both can kill zombies. While killing you also get the weapon that you can collect. The Control Keys are as follows;

While Playing in Single Player Mode

  • Move with Arrow Keys
  • Shoot with Space
  • Change Weapon pressing any key between 0 to 9 (when available)

Cooperative Mode

  • Move: Player 1: WASD Player 2: Arrow Keys
  • Shoot: Player 1: / (Slash Key), Player 2: Space
  • Change Weapon: Player 1: . and , Keys, Player 2: Q and E keys (When available)

Download BoxHead 2Play

5. Archers Oath (Bow and Arrows Game)

archers oath

If you are among those who like playing Bow and Arrows games, then Archer’s Oath game will keep you entertained. The objective of the game is to aim and shoot the rope so the hanging man falls down. If you shoot the hanging man, the game will be over. Use mouse or trackpad to play this game, aim moving the cursor and click to shoot.

Download Archers Oath

6. 9 Ball KnockOut Pool Game

9 ball knockout

9 Ball Knockout is a pool or snooker game that is based on the same rule as in Miniclip’s Pool Game app. You must pot the 9th ball in the end. Whoever pots the 9th ball wins the game regardless of how many other balls you have pot. You can pot 9th ball even at the start or middle, but you must hit the ball in a sequence. For example, Aim 9th ball with the support of 1st ball, and make 9th ball hitting the 1st ball. The 9th ball must not be hit directly. Aim and Hit using the mouse.

Download 9 Ball Knockout

7. 2048: A Coll Mathematical Puzzle Game

2048There are many Cool Math Games to play online, but 2048 is kind of  Unique Mathematical Puzzle game. In this game, you must get the single tile with 2048. Use Arrow keys to control the game. When 2 numbers of the same value are swiped they are combined together. For example, 2 beside 2 will be replaced with 4 when swiped. The original version of the game was released for 1 player only. However, this game was modified later and 2 players mode has also been included now. When you launch the game, you will get the option to select 1 player or 2 players mode.

Download 2048

8. Dirt Bike 4

dirt bike 4

There is a series of Dirt Bike Games and Dirt Bike 4 game is on of them. In the game, you will ride the bike one buildings, cars, and even in the most dangerous roads. The control keys are the Arrow keys for you.

Download Dirt Bike 4

9. FootBall Heads 2014 World Cup

football heads game

Football Heads 2014 game is one of the popular soccer game that can be played alone or you can ask your friend to join you and you both can play against each other. When you play in one player mode you can use Arrow Keys to move to player and Space to kick the ball. In 2 Players mode, one player will use Arrow Keys to Move and P to Kick, another player will use WASD keys to move and Space to kick.

Download Football Heads

10. Formula Racer

formula racer

Formula Racer game is about driving the racing formula car and beating all the opponents by completing the lap. In the game, you will use arrow keys to control the vehicle. In the game, there are many upgrade options. However, you will require having enough cash to upgrade the car. So drive, win races, earn cash, and upgrade to be more powerful.

Download Formula Racer

11. G-Switch 3


G-Switch 3 game is about switching the side and keep running. So you can take it as a running game, but this game is different compared to other running games you have played. You can play alone or against the computer. Up to 8 players can play together. While playing alone, you can press any key to switch the path and when playing in multiplayer mode, you will be given a defined key to use.

Download G-Switch 3

12. Happy Wheels Demo Game by Total Jerkface

happy wheels

Happy Wheels game by Total Jerkface is a great hit and this is the most popular flash game in the history. Unfortunately, you cannot download the full version and that can be played online only on TotalJerkface. The demo game has a lot to do. There are 10 different environments in the game that you can play. Use the arrow keys to move and Space key to boost the speed or jump.

Download Happy Wheels

13. Hill Climb Racing

hill climb racing

Hill Climb Racing game is about driving the car on the hilly area. Collect money and then upgrade the car so you can ride fast and smoothly. The car will stop as soon as the fuel finishes.

Download Hill Climb Racing

14. Moto X3M

moto x3m

Moto X3M is also a Bike Stunt game, but this is probably the best Bike Stunt Flash game. The game is about riding the bike, making and jump, and reaching the destination. The game also has 2 other versions; Moto X3M 2 and Moto X3M 3, but these 2 versions can only be played online. Use arrow keys to ride a bike in Moto X3M and enjoy the first version of its series offline.

Download Moto X3M

15. Plazma Burst 2: Void

Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 2 Void is an action game in which you need to move the character pressing the arrow keys and click to attack. When the game loads, you first need to click on continue and then enter your name. Thereafter, you can choose to play in easy, normal, and hard modes.

Download Plazma Burst 2 Void

16. Raze 3

raze 3

Raze 3 game is for you if you like playing shooting games. The game includes so much fun The objective is to kill the enemies. When you start a campaign, you will be shown the targets to complete. So do it and enjoy.

Download Raze 3

17. Run Ninja Run 3

run ninja run 3

Run Ninja Run 3 is known as the Unexpected Road version of the Run Ninja Run game. In this game, your job is to run and don’t get caught. Press Up Arrow Key to jump and Down Arrow key to slide.

Download Run Ninja Run 3

18. Sniper Assassin 4

sniper assassin 4

Sniper Assasin 4 game is one of the popular Stickman games that comes with cool graphic. In each level, you will be given a job to complete. The job may include to kill one or many persons. Sometimes you just need  to main the target instead of killing. So do exactly what you are asked.

Download Sniper Assassin 4

19. Tank Trouble 3

tank trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3 game is for up to 3 players, but you can also play alone against Laika (computer). In 1 player mode, press the M key fire and use Arrow keys to move the tank. Please note that this game has got a little bug. Every time you die, you must reload the game.

Download Tank Trouble 3

20. Temple of Boom

temple of boom

Temple of Boom Game is a single player and multiplayer game. The game is about shooting other players within the temple and keeping yourself alive. The game can be played in the campaign and endless mode. When you are playing alone, use the Arrow keys to move and jump, and press Z to shoot and X to switch the weapon.

Download Temple of Boom

21. Zombie Trailer Park

zombie trailer park

Zombie Trailer Park is basically a zombie killing game, but this game is all about using good strategies. In the game, you need to protect your base, earn enough cash by killing zombies, and then place your armies and upgrade them to fight well.

Download Zombie Trailer Park

22. Vex 3

vex 3

Vex 3 game is about jumping moving and reaching the destination. You should avoid spikes and keep moving. Use WASD or Arrow keys to control. Press Up Arrow key or W multiple times to jump higher. Jump with the help of side wall to jump a higher distant.

Download Vex 3

23. Plant VS Zombies

plant vs zombies 2

Collect stars to earn cash, and then plant plants on the ground that will fire on zombies. Plant Sunflower plants to generate more stars to earn more money. Kill all the zombies and have fun.

Download Plant VS Zombies

24. Don’t Whack Your Boss in 20 Ways

whack your boss

Don’t Whack Your Boss game is about click on objects to kill the boss. There are 20 objects around you that you will have to click on to use it as a weapon. Rest of the things will happen automatically after you click. The game has been made to vent you anger and frustration in the virtual world instead of doing it for real.

Download Don’t Whack Your Boss in 20 Ways

25. Trollface Quest TV Shows

trollface quest tv shows

Trollface Quest game has many versions. Trollface Quest TV Shows is a puzzle game in which you need to click on the right place/object to make the Trollface happy. Clicking on the wrong place will end the game.

Download Trollface Quest TV Shows

26. Zombocalypse

zombocalypse 1

Zombocalypse game is about slicing and shooting zombies. The game comes with many achievements that you can unblock and also the new weapons. Kill zombies to unblock new weapons. Press Arrow keys to move and Space to attack. There is also Zombocalypse 2, but it can only be played online.

Download Zombocalypse

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