Everything You Should Know About Movie 25 Website

What is Movie25 or Movie 25?

Movie 25 is a website that lets users stream movies and TV Shows online for free. The website doesn’t serve any content originally created by them, and they don’t hold any copyright. However, Movie25 let you watch embedded videos that are hosted on some other website, and/or provide external links to watch movie. When you visit its home page, you will see the search field, that can be used to browse movies. You will find so many links underneath each movie name, and you can click any of them to watch movies.

How Movie25 website works

  • Visit https://movie25.io/.
  • Type the movie name in the search field you are looking for, and hit Enter key. If you are not looking for something specific, there are some options on the top of the page that you can click on.


  • You can click on any movie that you want to watch, and then scroll down to until you are under Link – Video option.
  • Under Link – Video section you will find so many links, the very first of them is useless. You can click on any of the Play Video option.


  • Now you should be on the other page where you will either see the player to watch movie, or a link that you need to click on. In case of link, you will be taken to another website where you can stream it.

Similar Websites with Movie 25 Name

There are many other websites that you can find on the internet with similar name, some of them are as follows;

Movie25.me : This website also works the similar way, and has got so many movies to watch. However, many time they ask to create an account and send users to a different website, that seems kind of affiliation to make money.

Movies25.in : The domain name suggest it to be an India website, but this is another website that let users watch free movies online with the link to several other websites.

Movies25.org, Movie25.sr, MovieTube.ms : When you visit Movies25.org, you will see the logo as Movie25.sr, and when you check their DMCA page, it talks about MovieTube.ms. So I assume, all those sites are run by the same person. They also use link to external website to let users watch movies.

Newmovie25.com : This website works the same way. They don’t host any content themselves, but use contents hosted on other servers. Most of the time, they redirect users to other websites to stream movies.

Movie25.ag & movie25.hk (Now tinklepad.is) : Movie25.ag and Movie25.hk has been shut down by its maker, and now they redirect visitors to Tinklepad.is website. The user interface of this website looks like Movie25.io, and they also shows the big search box on home page.


These websites allow users to stream movies for free. You can even watch those movies that have been released just a couple of days ago.


So many pop-ups and annoying ads.


These websites could be the reason to infect your computer or mobile devices with virus or malware, and steal data. You may also end up paying huge fine and/or go behind the bars if you are caught watching movies on such websites.


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