Millions of email Accounts have been hacked recently, How to increase security

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email Hack

We are not talking about hundred or thousand, but around 273.3 million email accounts has been hacked. Those hacked email accounts, user name and Password are being traded in Russian Crime World.

The most affected email service provider is Mail.Ru, but they are not a lone. Some major email service providers, like Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft accounts are also compromised, reported by Reuter.

Holden Security Researchers spotted a hacker on forum who was claiming to hack around 1.17 billion credentials. After some research, they found around  57 million users affected. Along with, tens of millions of affected accounts belong to Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft. Hundreds of thousands of accounts from Chinese and German Service Providers are also faced data breach. Thousands of Credentials of the employees of some major US Banking and Retail Sectors have also been hacked.

Surprisingly, the hacker wanted to sale the data to anyone for less than $1. It seems he wanted to sale to multiple people to multiply earnings. However, he gave it Holden Security when they promised to comment in favor of hacker on Forum.

Here are the total number of hacked email accounts from multiple service providers : 57 million

Yahoo : 40 million

Microsoft : 33 million

Gmail : 24 million

Rest of the accounts belong to other email service providers

Am I affected by the hack?

Who knows! Along with Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo and there are many other email accounts have been hacked. So you must increase the security of your account. This is the high time to do that.

How to increase the security of your email account

The shortcut is to increase the security to change the password, and use strong password that is hard to guess. The password must have the combination of Letters, Numbers and Special Characters, and don’t forget to combine it with Small and capital letters. Enabling 2-step verification is very essential in case your password is compromised.

How to enable 2-step verification for Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo Account

We have already discussed earlier how you can enable 2 factor authentication for your Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook, Live etc.), Yahoo and Gmail Account. So read the following articles for step-by-step guide;

2-step verification for Gmail

2-step verification for Microsoft

2-step verification for Yahoo