E-ink Screen Reader Case for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6

E-ink Screen for iPhone 6 and 6s

You must have seen YotaPhone. It comes with a secondary E-ink screen. It is very useful to read content and save battery life. E-ink screen the best for those who love reading, and it also increases readability in sunlight. Being an Apple user, you may not like to buy an Android based YotaPhone, but you can still get E-ink screen for your iPhone.

OAXIS InkCase i6 comes with a 4.3-inch secondary screen for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This secondary screen doesn’t not even consume iPhone’s battery, because it comes with 460 mAh in-built battery, and it can be charged via MicroUSB Cable that comes with this case.

OAXIS InkCase i6 Specs

E-ink Screen Size : 4.3-inch E-ink Anti-glare screen

Resolution : 800 x 480 pixels

Battery : 460 mAh

Bluetooth : Yes, v4.0

iPhone E-ink case

With this iPhone case, you can protect your phone and enjoy the secondary screen. Secondary screen can be used for multiple things, like Checking Time, Stock, Weather, Calendar, Sports Data, and of course reading eBook is the most import feature of this E-ink display. It also supports instant mobile message prompt. The E-ink screen can be customized with photos. You can download its app from app store, and control the secondary screen. It allows to transmit images, and other content to the secondary screen via bluetooth.

You can buy this case for $80.99

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