Want to buy YotaPhone 2 in China? It’s official now

Buy YotaPhone 2 in China

If you have been waiting to buy YotaPhone 2 in China, you are in luck. The Russian company has reached China, and made YotaPhone 2 available for CNY 4,888 ($ 789). YotaPhone 2 is an Android smartphone, but with an additional display : Primary display is the normal one what we see in other smartphones, but its secondary e-ink display (Electronic Paper Display) makes it unique that is customizable touch display.

It’s secondary display is really useful to read books and use your smartphone in Sunlight. If you want to save more battery, you can use secondary display for normal tasks, like making calls, sending messages etc.

YotaPhone 2 comes with these technical specifications:

Primary Display : 5-inch AMOLED with 1920 X 1080 Pixels resolution

Electronic Paper Display (secondary) : 4.7-inch with 960 X 540 Pixels

Protection : Corning Gorilla Glass (both display)

Dimension : 144.9 x 69.4 x 8.95 mm

RAM : 2 GB

In-built storage : 32 GB

OS : Android 4.4, KitKat (Upgradable to Android Lollipop)

Chipset : Quad-core 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801

Rear Camera : 8-megapixel with dual-led flash

Front camera : 2.1-megapixel

Battery : 2500 mAh

Network : 2G/3G/4G

Where to buy YotaPhone 2 in China?

YotaPhone 2 can be bought from these stores in China (according to YotaPhone’s website)


Sales office

AnkangShaaxi Ankang Zhongyou Mobile Phone Mall Sales Office
AnshanAnshan Shengli Road Sales office
BaodingBaoding Dongfeng Road Sales office
BaojiShaanxi Baoji Jinger Road 3G Sales Office
BaotouBaotou Gangtie Street Sales office
BeihaiBeihai Wanjiaxing Sales office
BeijingBeijing Beitai Pingzhuang Sales office
BeijingBeijign Daxing Huangcun Sales office
BeijingBeijing Flagship Store Sales office
BeijingBeijing Wangjing Guangshunbei Sales office
BeijingBeijign Wangjing Sales office
BeijingBeijing Asian Games Village North Sales office
BeijingBeijing Zaojunmiao Sales office
BenxiBenxi Bld Sales office
BinzhouBinzhou Bohaiqi Road Sales office
CangzhouCangzhou Qingchi Street Sales office (new)
ChangshaHunan Changsha Huazhang Mingfu Sales office
ChangshaHunan Changsha Reilway Station Sales office
ChangzhouChangzhou Yanlinzhong Road Sales office
ChaoyangChaoyang Chaoyang Street Sales office
ChaoyangChaoyang Central Sales office
ChengduChenggu 66 Kehua Road Sales Office
ChenzhouHunan Zhengzhou Wuling Street Sales office
ChongqingHuasheng Jiangbei Guanyqiao Flagship Sales Office
ChongqingChongqing Hongqi Hegou Sales Office
ChongqingChongqing Huasheng New North District Sales Office (new)
ChongqingChongqing Huasheng Nanping Sales Office
ChongqingChongqing Huasheng Sanxia Square Sales Office
ChongqingChongqing Huasheng Shuanglong Sales Office
ChongqingChongqing South Garden Sales Offic
ChongzuoChongzuo Fusui Xinhua Sales office
ChongzuoChongzuo Xinmin Road Sales office
ChuxiongChuxiong city First Branche Sales Office
DalianDalian Minsheng Street Sales office
FushunFushun Hedong Sales office
FushunFushun Xinhua Sales office
FuxinFuxin Jiefang Street First Sales office
FuzhouFuzhou Dongjie Sales office
FuzhouFuzhou Railway Station Sales office
FuzhouFuzhou Qianyu Sales office
FuzhouFuzhou Information Square Sales office
GuangzhouGuangzhou Haizhu Sales office
GuangzhouGuangzhou Nancun Legoucheng Sales office
GuangzhouGuangzhou Shijing Sales office
GuangzhouGuangzhou Xinnanzhou Huayuan Sales office
GuangzhouGuangzhou Xinhe Square Sales office
GuiyangGuiyang Post Telecommunications Building Sales office
HaikouHaikou Haifu Road Sales office
HaikouHaikou Haixiu Road Sales office
HangzhouChunqiubei Road Sales Office
HangzhouHanzhou Shijiadai Road Sales Office
HangzhouHangzhou Taipingmenzhi Street Sales Office
HangzhouHangzhou Stadium Road Sales Office
HarbinHarbin Zhongshan Sales office
HeiheHeihe Youzheng Road Sales office
HezeHeze Qingnian Road Sales office
HohhotHohhot Zhaojun Road Sales office
HohhotHohhot Zhongshan Road Sales office
HuludaoHuludao 3G Brand Store
HuludaoHuludao Longwan Street Sales office
JinanJinan Huasheng Sports Center Sales office
JinanJinan Jingshi Road 3G Sales office
JinchengJincheng Zezhou Road Sales office
JinzhouJinzhou Heping Road Sales office
KaifengKaifeng Pingguoyuan Sales office
LaibinLaibin Wuxuan Sales office
LangfangLangfang Heping Road Sales office
LanzhouGansu Lanzhou Wudulu Sales office
LianyungangLianyungang Haichangnan Road Sales office
LiaoyangLiaoyang Xiguan Sales office
LinyiLinyi Yicangshan Sales office
LuoyangLuoyang Tianjin Road Sales office
NanjingNanjing Danfeng Street Sales office
NanjingNanjing Gulou Sales office
NanjingNanjing Hanzhong Road Sales office
NanjingNanjing Xinjiekou Xinhua Store Sales office
NanningNanning Donggeer Sales office
NanningNanning Dongge Sales office
NanningNanning Dongming
NanningNanning Jinpu Road Sales office
NanningNanning Mingxiu Road Sales office
NanningNanning Shangri-La Sales office
NanningNanning Xinchao Sales office
NanningNanning Xingguang Sales office
NanningNanning Xiuling Sales office
NanningNanning Youai Nan Road Sales office
NanningNanning Zhengheng Sales office
NanningNanning Terminal Service Experience Pavilion
NantongNantong Haian Huasheng Sales office
NantongNantong Renmin Road Sales office
NanyangNanyang Zhongzhouxi Road Sales office
NingboNingbo Jiangdong Baizhang Sales Office
NingboNingbo Yuyao Nanlei Sales Office
PutianPutian Licheng Sales office
QingdaoQingdao Fuzhou Road Sales office
QinhuangdaoQinhuangdao Emeishan Road Sales office
QinhuangdaoQinhuangdao Wenhua Road Sales office
QuanzhouQuanzhou Fengze Sales office
ShanghaiLuAnting Sales Office
ShanghaiBaiyang Road Sales Office
ShanghaiBaoshan Sales Office
ShanghaiDahua Sales Office
ShanghaiGongyuan Road Sales Office
ShanghaiHonghexin Road Sales Office
ShanghaiHankou Road Sales Office
ShanghaiHongjing road Sales Office
ShanghaiHuashan Road Sales Office
ShanghaiHuaxin Sales Office
ShanghaiHuangxing Road Sales Office
ShanghaiJiading Sales Office
ShanghaiJiangqiao Sales Office
ShanghaiJiansubei Road Sales Office
ShanghaiJinlingdong Road Sales Office
ShanghaiJinshan Sales Office
ShanghaiJufeng Road Sales Office
ShanghaiLianyang Sales Office
ShanghaiLujiazui Flagship Sales Office
ShanghaiNanhui Sales Office
ShanghaiNanquanbei Road Sales Office
ShanghaiNianjiabang Road Sales Office
ShanghaiPengpu Sales Office
ShanghaiPingxingguan Road Sales Office
ShanghaiQibao Sales Office
ShanghaiQihe Road Sales Office
ShanghaiShenzhu Road Sales Office
ShanghaiShenzhuang Sales Office
ShanghaiSichuanbei Road Sales Office
ShanghaiSijing Sales Office
ShanghaiSongjiang Jiuting Sales Office
ShanghaiTaopu Sales Office
ShanghaiTianmuxi Road Sales Office
ShanghaiTianshan Sales Office
ShanghaiTianlin Sales Office
ShanghaiXietu Road Sales Office
ShanghaiXinsongjiang Road Sales Office
ShanghaiXinzha Road Sales Office
ShanghaiXuhui Sales Office
ShanghaiZhangyangbei Road Sales Office
ShanghaiChangjiangxi Road Sales Office
ShanghaiChangning Road Sales Office
ShanghaiZhongyuan Road Sales Office
ShenyangShenyang Hepingbei Sales office
ShenyangShenyang Huaxiang Sales office
ShenyangShenyang Government Square Sales office
ShenzhenShenzhen Bantian Wanpan Sales office
ShenzhenShenzhen Buji Dong Street Sales office
ShenzhenShenzhen Gangaocheng Sales office
ShenzhenShenzhen Shiyan Jiahua Sales office
ShenzhenShenzhen Xili Sales office
ShenzhenShenzhen Zhenhua Sales office
ShijiazhuangShijiazhuang Guangan Bld Sales office
ShijiazhuangShijiazhuang Xingkai Road Sales office
ShijiazhuangShijiazhuang Zhongshan Road Sales office
SiklingeleiSiklingelei Eerdun Bei Road Sales office
SuihuaSuihua Renhe Street Sales office
SuqianSuqian Sucheng Fazhan Street Sales office
TaiyuanTaiyuan Nanneihuan Sales Office
TaizhouTaizhou Xibakou Huasheng Mobile phones Market
TianjinTianjin Beicang Sales Office
TianjinTinajin Dazhijie Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Hangzhou Street Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Huangshan Road Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Jiayuanli Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Jieyuan Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Liansheng Building Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Nanfeng Road Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Nanjing Road Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Nanma Road Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Shaoxing Street Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Wangdingdi Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Xianyang Road Sales Office
TianjinTianjin Yongming Road Sales Office
WeinanWeinan Tongguan Heping Road Sales Office
WenzhouWenzhou Dacheng Sales Office
WuhaiWuhai Renmin Road Sales office
WuhanWuhan Hanyang Street Sales office
WuhanWuhan Science and technology Center Sales office
WuhanWuhan Wusheng Road Sales office
WuxiWuxi Qingyang Road Sales office
WuxiWuxi Yixing Quanye Square Sales office
WuzhouWuzhou Xinxingsan Sales office
XiamenXiamen Huli Sales office
XiamenXiamen Xianglu Sales office
XiamenXiamen Sibei Sales office
XianShaanxi Xian Yanta Road 3G Brand Store
XianyangXianyang Central Sales Office
XinganmengXinganmeng Xingannan Road Direct-sale store
XuzhouXuzhou Huaihaixi Road 150 Huaixi Sales office
YanchengYancheng Jinxiuyuan Sales office
YangquanYangquan Daqiao Sales Office
YangquanYangquan North Street Sales Office
YangzhouYangzhou Wenhebei Road Sales office
YinchuanYinchuan Hubin Sales office
YinchuanYinchuan Development zone Sales office
YuyangYuyangdong Road 3G Brand Store
ZaozhuangZaozhuang Longtou Road Sales office
ZhangjiakouZhangjiakou Xuanhua Road Sales office
ZhengzhouZhengzhou Dashiqiao Sales office
ZhengzhouZhengzhou Manhattan Sales office
ZhenjiangZhenjiang Zhongshanqiao Huasheng Sales office
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