How to download those apps not available in your country from App Store without Jailbreak

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Download non regional app from apple app storePlease check the update in the end of the article before you follow the steps given in the article.

There are many apps that iOS/iPhone users can’t download from some specific country. For example, Indian Users can’t download PayPal or Spotify from their country.Well, you can not download the app, but you can use it if you have installed on your Mobile. PayPal has no restriction from using the app even though you sign in with an Indian PayPal ID. Spotify also allows to use Spotify app, as long as you have an ID from those country where Spotify works. You can ask your friend to create an ID for you what you can use Or You can create your ID changing the Computer/Mobile’s location to US.

How to download the apps from Apples’s app store on iPhone or iPad if the app is not available for your country?

This tips is applicable for all apps including Spotify and PayPal

First of all, you should know what countries have any specific app available, you can select any of them. I assume, you want to select United States

First of all, go to your Apple’s ID account from browser :

Login with your ID and Password, and change the country to United States

Select any city, and find the any ZIP code for that city from Google

Save the detail

Now go to your iPhone’s app store, and scroll down to the end of the app

Tap on your Apple ID, and then Tap on View Apple ID

Type the password to continue

Tap on Country/Region

Country should already be US now

If not, Tap on Change Country or Region, Select United States

Tap On Next

Tap on Agree (to accept terms and conditions)

You will be asked to put the Payment detail, but leave all blank, and None should be ticked

The address you saved on browser for Apple ID, it should be here. If it is not, update the same address

Put any US number or Dummy number in US format

Save it. If it saves, you are done here

If it doesn’t allow you to save and ask to put the card detail, follow these instruction further (don’t go back, bet at the same section where you are)

Press the Home button, and you will have have phone’s menu on the display

Now close the app, like you close any running app by pressing the home button twice, and dragging the app up to close it

Now open the iPhone/iPad’s app store type the app name you wish to download, you will get the app and you can download it.


>>> I have tried with the account that has no Payment detail in the App Store, so the account with payment information may or may not work.

>>> After changing the country and installing the non-regional app in your iPhone will end up not synching your iPad/iPhone with your Mac’s iTune app. It will start synching again when you uninstall the app and change the region back to the correct region.


Update : You may not be able to change the country, but you can still download those apps from third Party Store. Please read about article about vShare

Update : This trick to change the country is not working anymore. Please read our updated article how to change country for Apple ID

Update : You can use multiple Apple ID to download apps from the app store. You can crate a separate ID selecting the United States or keep one as original. I have been using it without any problem. Read the article and video to see how I downloaded Spotify in UAE where it is not available. You can download any app in the same way.