What are Cursive Letters? Apps for Children to Practice Cursive Writing

What are Cursive Letters or Cursive Writing?

Cursive Letters are nothing but English Alphabets, but the way they are written makes them different compared to usual writing. Cursive Writing is a method of writing where characters are joined together. This method makes you write faster because of the infrequent pen lifting. Usually, formal cursive letters are always joined, but the casual method of writing is a combination of join and pen lifts. Here is an example of Cursive Writing.

Cursive letter Sample

Apps for Children to Practice Cursive Writing

  • Kids ABCs Cursive Writing & Tracing Cursive Letters ZBC

ABC Cursive Letter App

It is really a cool app for children. You can install it on a tablet or smartphone and give it to your children. The app includes Upper and Lower Case Cursive Letters and Numbers that children can practice writing on the screen with the help of finger or stylus. The app also includes many shapes, like Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon etc. that children can also practice. The practicing screen also comes with some drawing options. The color of the pencil can be changed, and there is also eraser to rectify wrong drawings. There is one messaging type icon that children can tap on to listen what is on the screen. The app is available for Android as well as iOS devices, and it is free. The app serves ads, so when you give it to children, it is better to turn off the internet and/or disable mobile data to avoid accidental charges.

Download For Free : Android Devices   |   iOS Devices

  • Cursive Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters & Words

When you start the app for the first time, you will be given 5 options to select from. It includes 5 types of font, ZB, DN, HWT, UK, and French. Each font shows sample letters, and you need to select one of them to start using this app. This app also comes with capital as well as small Cursive Letters. There are 40 animated stickers and color pencils to customize writing. Font Size and Difficulty and also be adjusted. Every letter includes sound, and the app allows adding own words with sound, and the practice writing, isn’t it cool? So you can make your children practice each Alphabet first, and then make them practice words. It also includes fun shapes to practice drawing. The app also includes fun animation that children can view by dragging the completed drawing. It costs $4.99and it can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users.

Download for $4.99 : Android Users   |   iOS Users

  • Cursive Writing by Horizon Business Inc. (iOS Only)

Cursive Writing

A Simple and Free iOS app that allows writing Cursive Letters. The app setting just allows changing the color of the pencil. The app has a dedicated key to switch from Capital letter to Small letter. The unique thing about the app is the direction with words. Each word has a direction with the steps how to write. There is also erase button to start over. The app supports ads, and the removal of advertising costs $2.99.

Get the app from App Store

After Practicing the letter using this app, you can also download its another app that allows practicing words rather than just letters. Please note that both are not the same. One of them comes with letters only, and the other comes with words.

  • Cursive Converter (Android Only)

Cursive Converter

This is a must have app if you want your children to learn quickly. When you launch the app, there will be 2 options on the screen; Convert and Trace. The Trace option allows to type each Alphabet one by one, and then practice drawing on the screen. The Converter option allows writing a word or short line and convert it Cursive style writing. Whether you are using Converter or Trace option both comes with Play and Pause button that writes the letter, word or sentence slowly to make children understand how exactly they can write. This Android app is free, but it can be downloaded on Android Devices only.

Get the app from the PlayStore

Looking for Printed Cursive Letters or Handwriting Practice Worksheets?

If you are looking for some Cursive Handwriting Practice Worksheets, there are many websites where you can find. However, you can visit this webpage of Education.Com to get many files that can be downloaded in PDF format. There are numbers, letters, words, and even sentences to practice. You can print those Worksheets and give them to your children to practice with Pencil.

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