Some Cool Statistics of iPhone that you should know

iPhone Statistics

How may iPhones Apple Sold Worldwide in 2015 ?

Apple sold around 231.22 million iPhones in 2015 compared to 169.22 in 2014.

If you look back at iPhone’s selling history, every year Apple has sold more iPhones compared to previous year. Have a look at the statistic below of iPhone sale since 2007

Number of iPhone sold since 2007
Image : Statista

How many iPhone Users does Unites States have?

There are around 75.23 Millions iPhone users in the US by 2015

Every year Apple sells more iPhones, so this is obvious that number of users will increase. Here is Statistics of the number of iPone users in the Unites States since 2012

Number of iPhone users in the Unites States
Image : Statista

iPhone’s Market Share worldwide

It’s around 16.2 percent by 2015

Well, Apple’s market share has fallen down from 18.7 percent in 2012 to 16.2 percent in 2015. However, They are still the second largest Smartphone manufacturer in the world after Samsung

iOS Market Share Worldwide

It’s around 15.89 percent

In 2014, around 80.7 percent smartphones were sold with Android OS

How many apps are available in Apple’s App Store?

App store has over 1.5 million apps by June 2015

How many apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store?

Over 100 billion apps has been downloaded from the App Store by June 2015

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