World’s top tablet brand 2011 to 2015

World Tablet Market Share

Tablet market has shown great downfall from 2011 to 2015, and it’s even decreasing in 2016 as we know. If we compare the separate brands, Apple has been leader in Tablet market for many years, and they are still leading. Premium quality of iPads attract more users, and it’s not just about the United States, they leads worldwide.

Tablet Market Share since 2011

2011 Q2 to Q4

2012 Q1 to Q4

As you can see, Apple had a great start in 2011, and the the number of shipment decreased every next quarter. 2012 also had a great start in the quarter 1 and quarter 2, but in quarter 3 and 4, it has decreased very fast. Samsung Tablet Market rose in very impressive way.

2013 Q1 to Q4

Apple kept loosing tablet market even in 2013, and Samsung managed to increase number of shipment. So Samsung is going up and up year to year, but Apple is still holding the first position in Tablet Market.

2014 Q1 to Q4

2015 Q1 to Q4

The demand of Apple tablets kept decreasing, but they didn’t miss its first position in Tablet Market. Since 2014 Q1 Samsung has also not seen the face of growth in Tablet market, and they had just 13.7% share in Q4 2015 compared to 21.6% in Q1 2014.

There are many other brands that has not been included in the list, and the demand of their tablets kept increasing year to year. Other brands include many Chinese brands that sale tablet for very lower price.

The primary reason to decrease the demand of tablet is the rise of Phablets. Back in 2011, we didn’t have Smartphones with large display, like 5.5-inch, 6-inch etc.. So when a user buy a smartphone with such large display, they usually don’t need a 7-inch tablet. 9-inch, 10-inch or larger tablets are little heavier and larger to carry in hand, so many users skip this and manage with their Smartphone and Laptop. So the decrease in Tablet Demand is obvious.


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