Updated : Convert multiple MP4 or MOV videos to M4V, or MP4 and M4V to MOV on Mac

MacBook is considered a great laptop as long as you are not looking for a gaming laptop. It comes with great features to complete any tasks smoothly without any third party applications. For example, Apple already has apps to create Microsoft Office compatible documents and PDF files, but some users still use Microsoft Office in Mac. If you don’t know as well, you should read our article about “How to create Microsoft Office compatible files with Mac.”

In the same way, you can also use Mac OS X to convert multiple videos at the same time. We have tested this feature on OS X 10.11, 10.10 and 10.9, so it may or may not work in older version. This process is beneficial if you want to change the resolution or video format to make it work better on Android phones, tablets as well as on iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch.

Note: All the videos will be converted into M4V format whether you are converting MOV or MP4 files. M4V format works like MP4, and Android as well as iOS devices support this format.

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How to convert multiple MP4 or MOV videos to M4V format on Mac

  • Launch Finder, and locate the video files
  • Put the video files in one folder that you wan to convert
  • Select multiple video files
  • Use the secondary click (right-click), and hover mouse on Services option
  • Click on “Encode Selected Video Files

Convert Multiple videos to m4v

  • Select the resolution you want (480p, 720p, 1080p or Apple ProRes), or you can convert the video into sound only file
  • If you care more about compatibility, please select Greater Compatibility, else you can select Higher Quality. I have checked with higher quality mode, and it plays very well even on $30 Chinese Android tablet
  • Click on Continue, and hang on

When video conversion starts, you will see the process in the menu bar. Video will be converted in the same folder (source folder) in m4v format. It may take few minutes depending on the file size, and the quality you have selected. Your Mac’s cooling Fan may sound loader than usual. Nothing to get worried, it’s normal. Once all files are converted, the conversion process icon will disappear itself.

Give it a try with a short video to check if you are doing it right, and then try any video you want.

How to Convert MP4 or M4V to MOV on Mac

  1. Double click on any video to Play with QuickTime Player, or right-click on video, select Open with, and then click QuickTime Player
  2. Once the video starts playing click on File (located in menu bar)
  3. Hover mouse pointer on export option,  and select the resolution you want for the converted video
  4. Name the video, and Select Folder where you want to savethen click on Save

Note : You can convert one video each time

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