China beats US in Apple iPhone sales increasing the revenue by 71%

Apple iPhone sales

As we know that Apple iPhone sales have increased as much as Apple never sold that much iPhone in the past. Reuters reported that This time China has sold more iPhones than Apple’s native country (US) for the first time. It seems like Chinese started loving Apple iPhone, and the big display could be the reason.

Apple iPhone Sales in China has done a record breaking job increasing the revenue by 71% (16.8 billion USD). There was Chinese new year in the quarter which also helped to boost the sales, because people do buy to gift friends and family. Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in first quarter, and the Second Fiscal Quarter that ended on 28th March this Apple, Apple sold 61.2 million iPhones. Apple reported that the second fiscal quarter total revenue is $ 58 billion and net profit is $ 13.6 million ($ 2.33 each diluted share). The result is quite impressive compared to the year-ago quarter what had total revenue of $ 45.6 billion and net profit of $ 10.2 billion ($ 1.66 each diluted share).

Apple iPhone did an amazing job but iPad sales for the quarter was 12.6 million which is 23% down compared to year-ago quarter. iPhone 6 Plus could be the reason behind this, because iPhone 6 Plus already has a big retina display and great resolution. Apple did not say anything about the Apple watch sale, but Apple watch can certainly increase the iPhone sale, because they both are depended to each other. Recently Apple Watch Stainless Steel Scratches issue has came into light which may affect the Apple watch mid-range sale, but the solution is easy and the scratch is also obvious for polished stainless steel material. So let’s see where it stands.

Apple expectation from China must have increase, and will try their best to keep to it. Tim Cook also said that they added Union Payment system in app store for Chinese which also helped to improved the Apple ecosysytem. Apple Pay option was also launched with iPhone what made the Payment System hassle free.

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