How to fix apple watch stainless steel scratches

Apple watch stainless steel scratches and solution

It’s been not so long when Apple launched it’s watch and Apple watch are available in different version: Sports Edition made of Aluminium, Mid Range made of Stainless Steel and the Gold Edition. The issue has been raise for the Apple watch made of Stainless. It’s stainless steel gets scratches as soon as in a couple of days.

9tomac has also updated with the issue and has given the DIY fix for Apple watch stainless steel scratches. Well, it could be so annoying when you ignored to buy Aluminium edition and paid more to buy mid-range Apple Watch assuming that would be more durable and you get the scratch just in few days. What’s the catch?

There is no catch behind this, Any watch even expensive rolex or other brand who is made of polished stainless steel gets some wear and tear in few days. Apple watch is made of Stainless steel that falls in 316L grade, that makes the scratches obvious. Using high quality stainless still could make it too much expensive. What should you do?

Now you have 3 options to fix Apple watch stainless steel scratches:

You can go to Apple service center (it could be too far for some people), and ask them to deal with the issue, but even they replace and give you another piece that will not make any difference, and it would get scratch again.

You can visit any watch or jewellery shop, and ask them to fix it. All they will do it polish the outer side, and that will disappear. You need to pay them to fix the issue.

You can fix it yourself just spending $5. 9tomac used this to polish the scratches of the Apple watch what made it looks great after polish, but they also suggested not to do it too often else you may make the stainless steel worse, and also take care of the watch tiny holes, polishing material should not go inside. Here is the video what will guide you how you can fix the Apple watch stainless steel scratches issue.

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