Camera Comparison of some great smartphones

Camera performance test

These days mobile phones have not remained a mobile phone only, but it has gone beyond that. There are many tasks that you can complete using your smartphone without getting any help of computer. Along with these things, the camera in smartphones getting advanced and powerful these days. Just because of camera upgrade HTC launched HTC One M9+ Supreme Camera edition and LG launched LG V10. Both the companies already have existing smartphone with almost same technical specifications; HTC One M9+ and LG G4 respectively. However, these days users care much about camera, and this why we have two new smartphones, and there would be more to follow this trend in future.

There are so many smartphones that can capture great photos and videos, but users also get confused which one is better in terms of camera quality. DxOMark industry is known for testing cameras’ lenses and features that include mobile phones’ cameras as well as professional cameras. They have tested some high-end smartphones’ camera and published the result on their website. According to DxOMark Sony Xperia Z5 features the best camera, and it scored the best in the test. Let’s have a look at camera test score prepared by DxOMark.

Sony Xperia Z5 scored 87 out of 100, followed by 86 for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, 84 for Google Nexus 6P, 83 for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well as Motorola Moto X Style, 82 for iPhone 6, 6Plus and Xperia Z3 Plus and so on. In terms of Photoshoot, Xperia Z5 and Galaxy S6 Edge scored equally, but Xperia Z5 pushed Galaxy S6 Edge behind in video recording.

These are the latest smartphones, and some of them have been recently announced and still not available in stores. Google Nexus 6P features only 12.3-megapixel camera, but it has the ability to capture great photos, and this led it to score 84 (more than Galaxy Note 4). Apple users must be disappointed that they have not included the latest iPhone 6s Plus and 6s and comparing other new devices with older iPhone models. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus features much better camera compared to its predecessor, so it will certainly score better when they test.

If you are curious to know about LG G4 score, we would tell you. They have tested LG G4 camera as well, and it scored 83 over all. In terms of photography it scored 86 that is quite close to S6 Edge and Xperia Z5, but in Video Recording it scored 79 only. This is what LG has also accepted, and launched LG V10 that comes with great video recording as well as video editing features.

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