Buy Xiaomi and Meizu Smartphones in US with US Mobile

There has been rumor for a long time that Xiaomi and Meizu would reach US, but the rumor has turned out to be true now. Xiaomi and Meizu are well known around the world, but due to unavailability in the US market, many of the users didn’t even know them. When it comes to cost effective high-end Smartphones, Xiaomi phones rock. Due to its great devices and fair price tag, Xiaomi managed to stand among top 5 world’s Smartphone manufacturer company.

A little known carrier US Mobile that uses T-Mobile network has started selling some Xiaomi and Meizu Phones. They will also provide servicing and other supports for these devices. US Mobile’s CEO and Founder Ahmed Khattak, said in his statement;

Now, with the launch of our marketplace, we are thrilled to offer complete range of exceptional smartphones for low monthly payments and to give our customers access to exceptional phones otherwise not available in the U.S.

Here is the list of Devices and Price that are available

Xiaomi Redmi 2 : $119

Xiaomi Mi 3 : $139

Xiaomi Mi 4 : $219

Meizu Note 2 : $149

US Mobile has various plans depending on your usage. For example : If you want more calls and less data, you can pay $24 each month and get 500 free mins, 500 free texts, and 500 MB data. If you want more data, less calling, you can pay $37 each month and get 2.5GB Data, Unlimited text, and 100 free mins. If you don’t text, you can get 5GB Data and 100 free mins for $40 each month. You have the option to combine your plan with those free things you like. You can visit US Mobile, to check their full range of plan.

However, there is only one thing that may affect the sale of these phones. These phones have not been designed and manufactured to sale in the US, so they don’t Support US LTE Bands. As US Mobile has already started selling the devices, we expect the newer models to have support for US LTE Bands.

Note : If you can’t find the desired model locally, you should read this “Where to buy Chinese Smartphones


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