Where to buy Xiaomi, LeTV, Meizu and other Chinese Smartphones

Xiaomi Mi 5 colors

These days Chinese Smartphones are launched with great specs that can beat even renowned brand in terms of pricing and tech specs. Xiaomi, Meizu and other brands have got users’ attention now. For example : Recently launched Xiaomi Mi 5, LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7, Xperia X Performance, LeTV Le Max Pro all feature Snapdragon 820 CPU, but Xiaomi Mi 5 and LeTV Le Max Pro costs less than half compared to other brands.

Well, Users from China and some other countries can easily buy those devices, but users from other regions can’t buy due to unavailability in international market. However, it can be bought from some third party stores if you are willing to pay little more than its real price. We will tell you some websites where you can shop, and they ship almost everywhere.

List of websites where you can buy Xiaomi, Meizu, LeTV or other Chinese Smartphones as well as Smartwatches from US, Europe or any other countries


Aliexpress.com is the most popular website to import items. I don’t think there is any Chinese Smartphone or Smartwatch that you will not find on Aliexpress. They deal in almost everything, even clothes and shoes. You can find one model available with various sellers on Aliexpress, and can order one with the best deal/price.


Gearbest.com deals in almost all kind of Chinese Electronic Gadgets; Smartphones, Smartwatches, VR, Accessories and so on. They have warehouse in various regions; US, Europe, China, Hong Kong etc.. However, most of the items are shipped from China. Selecting a different Warehouse also changes the price, so be careful while choose one. Sometimes ordering from US or Europe warehouse is cheaper than China.

Gearbest screenshot

Image : GearBest

https://www.everbuying.net/ or https://www.everbuying.com/

Everbuying.net is an alternative of GearBest. They also deal in almost all the products GearBest does.


Geekbuying.com is another option to purchase Chinese Smartphones and Smartwatches. GeekBuying brings almost all the latest models, and also takes preorder before it go on sale. If you can’t find your desired Smartphone on other websites, don’t forget to check GeekbBuying.

You need to check their Shipping and Delivery time on their website before you place order. Please note that they do have free delivery option, but choosing free delivery also increases the delivery/shipping time. Before you go ahead to order from such websites, don’t forget to check those sites that deliver quickly. So look for your desired items on these sites first, if you can’t find only then order from those sites



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