The best free converter app for Mac and Windows : Supports Video, Audio & Image and GIF

The best video image and audio converter app for mac

When it comes to a converter app, most of the users use separate apps to convert images, videos, audios etc.. Mac comes with some useful built-in features to convert Audios and Videos, but making GIFs or converting images in bulk is still not possible. So today we will tell you about one all in one app that does almost everything as far as media conversion is concerned. It is possible with Adapter app that is free to use without any restriction on Mac as well as Windows

Adapter : Mac and Windows Media Converter App features

  • Convert multiple Images in one go
  • Convert Audios in various formats, and trim them to use as ringtone or for any other purpose
  • Convert Videos in a specific format, resolution or for a specific device
  • Make Animated GIFs from Videos

How does Image Converter feature of Adapter App works

Supported Formats : JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP

I will give a demo how you can convert images

Step 1 : Launch Adapter app on your Mac

Step 2 : On the bottom of the app window, select Image from drop down list. Now select the format you want the images to be converted into (I want my file to be converted into GIF, so I have selected GIF as you can seen in the screenshot)

IMage Converter app mac

Step 3 : Drop your image files in the app ( I have dropped one JPG and 3 PNG files in the screenshot below)

Step 4 : Modify the resolution if you want

Step 5 : Click Convert (Converted files are saved to the source folder)

Adapter Photo Converter

How does Video Converter works on Mac and Windows with Adapter app

We have already informed about one of the best Video Converter for Mac to convert multiple videos at the same time, and that doesn’t need any additional app. However, Adapter app does more than that. It can convert video files in many format.

Supported Formats : MP4, AVI, MKV, OGV, WEBM, MPG, FLV, SWF, M4V

Video can be converted for specific devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android Device, Microsoft as well as Sony Products, or You can simply select general option to convert in desired format.

Note : You can drop .MOV file to convert it any other format, but any other format cannot be converted to .MOV format.

Video Converter feature can be used in the same way we explained to use image converter feature. Select the format you want the video to be converted into, drop the video in the app, customize video resolution or quality, and click Convert.

Video Converter Screen

How to convert videos to GIFs

As you can see the image above, after selecting Video Option, you get General, Apple, Tablet etc., and the last option is Animated GIF. You can select this option to convert any short video into GIF. There is one more option to do that using another app, Read our article about GIF Maker Tool.

How Does Audio Converter Option Work on Mac and Windows with this app

This feature also works the same way. You can convert audio files in various format, and can also trim them. You can trim audio and convert it into .m4r format to use as ringtone on iPhone. However, iTunes can also be used to make free ringtones for iPhone, but iTunes can’t convert in as many formats as Adapter can do.

Supported Formats : MP3, M4A, OGG, AC3, WAV, MKA, M4R

Audio Converter Mac

You can download Adapter App for Mac Here

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