Free ringtones for iPhone with/without iTunes

Create or Make Free ringtones for iPhone with or without iTunes

Today we are going to tell you some ways to create free ringtones for iPhone. It can be done using iTunes or without the help of iTunes, but once ringtone is created you will require iTunes to transfer/sync it with your iPhone.

Create Free Ringtones for iPhone with iTunes

This process is well known among users, but this could still be beneficial for those switched from Android/Windows to iPhone recently.

  • You will require any sound file/Song/MP3 on your iTunes (it could be Windows or a MacBook)
  • Open iTune, Select Sound/MP3 File
  • Use secondary (right) click, and click on Get Info
  • Click on options
  • Check the Start and Stop box, and enter Start and Stop time (30 to 40 seconds is standard size for a ringtone)
  • Adjust Volume if you want to make it louder, and click on OK
  • Now when you play the same file, it will be played only for that many seconds you mentioned, and you will also be able to check how loud the volume is. If it is less/more loud, you can adjust the volume going back to the same place.
  • Use the secondary (right) click again, and click on create AAC version
  • Once you do that, a new file will appear on iTunes that will be of that duration you created
  • Now drag and drop the file anywhere on your computer (Desktop/Download etc…)
  • Use secondary click on the file you just dragged, and rename it. You need to replace “.m4a” extension with “.m4r”. Remove the file from iTunes
  • Now open that file (that you just renamed) with iTunes, it would also appear in Tones section of you iTunes.
  • Now connect your iPhone, and sync it. You have created free ringtones for iPhone and it should appear in your iPhone’s ringtone list.

Still facing issue creating free ringtones for iPhone? Watch the video below

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There are some other ways as well to create free ringtones for iPhone, but we would still recommend iTunes as this is the best option.

You can visit any of these third party websites;

All those sites work almost the same way. You need to upload the sound file, and then select the duration of ringtone (start and stop time), and then download it. Make sure file in .m4r format, else rename it to change the extension. After completing these process, follow the normal process to transfer the ringtone to iTunes and sync it with iPhone like you did before.

Now you know that getting free ringtones for iPhone is not so hard. All you need is a sound file, and you can convert it according to your choice.

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