Apple seeks another $180 million from Samsung in Patent Dispute

Apple and samsung patent battel

Apple vs Samsung patent battle started long back in 2011 when Apple filed a case against Samsung. According to Apple, Samsung copied iPhone’s design; Front Panel, Bezel and Application icon. In 2012, Samsung was ordered to pay $930 million for Patent Infringement, but later US appeal court ordered Samsung to Pay $548.2 million only, because Apple didn’t protect the design by trademark.

Samsung already paid $548.2 million, but it didn’t end here. Apple has filed another case seeking another $180 for supplemental damages and interest.

Apple has claimed that Samsung kept selling its devices even after 2012 verdict when Samsung was found faulty, and ordered to pay for patent infringement. So Apple claims that Samsung owes $179 for supplemental damages and $1 million as interest, that makes $180 million in total.

However, Samsung has also appealed Supreme Court (US) that they has already paid more than Apple deserves. So this case should be dismissed.


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