Samsung Pays $ 930 million Penalty to Apple

Apple sued Samsung long time back regarding violating Apple’s design and trade dress, and Samsung was ordered to Pay $ 1.05 billion penalty by the Jury for the violation. Samsung filed an appeal to reassess the case to get some relief in penalty.

According to the court’s decision Samsung has been found guilty violating the design, but trade dress violation claim has been rejected. Samsung has been ordered to pay $ 930 million, but Samsung has appealed once again, and the final Penalty amount could be different.

Apple VS Samsung Case

Apple sued Samsung regarding these violations

A rectangular product with four evenly rounded corners

A flat, clear surface covering the front of the product

A display screen under the clear surface

Substantial neutral (black or white) borders above and below the display and narrower neutral borders on either side of the screen

On the display, a matrix of colorful square icons with evenly rounded corners

A dock at the bottom of the display


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