Apple devices and OS in 2014

beautiful Apple store

Apple is known for its innovation and great design. There are so many companies in the tech industries, they sell good devices, like mobiles and laptops at far cheaper price than Apple, but Apple users hardly switch to other brand. Apple may end 2014 launching many devices and also the new version of its operating systems for iPhone, iPad and laptop.

iPhone 6 (two version)

Apple is preparing the next iPhone, and this time in two display sizes: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. You can expect iPhone 6 in September or October, but the big size iPhone 6 might get delayed.

iWatch or iTime

Whatever the name is, all it matters that Apple is preparing a wearable that would be the first wearable of the bitten Apple company. iWatch is expected to be launched in this fall as well (hopefully in October). There is no exact detail of its features but the rumor and just rumors. Check here what iWatch could come up with!


Apple is testing the new operating system for iPhone and IPad, and that is available for developer at this time. iOS8 has been set to release this fall as well. Once launched all the users will have the access and they can update their devices.

OS X Yosemite

When Apple is going to launch new OS for iPhone and iPad, how it can forget its MAC users? So the MAC users will get a new version of operating system “OS X Yosemite.” This is expected to launch in October as well.

12 inches Macbook and 4K iMac

Apart from all these apple is also working on a 12 inches Macbook that will be framed in aluminium case and will have retina display, and also working on a 4K iMac that would have 4 times more resolution than full HD. There is no information about the launch date, but Apple might surprise if it gets launched along with OS X Yosemite release. We love surprises (good surprises), don’t we?

iPad Air 2 / Next Generation iPad Air

Apple could also launch the next generation iPad Air this year that is expected to be thinner than other iPads, and the rumor says it would be only 7.5 mm thick. iPad Air 2 will have next generation A8 processor and expected to have 2,048 x 1,536 pixels resolution.

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