Android Based Blackberry Venice Real Images

We have seen so many leaked images and video renders of Android based Blackberry Venice, but it’s time to see the real device. Blackberry Venice Android Phone has been rumored to launch in November on all major US Carriers. However, the device seems to be ready now. Blackberry must be working on production and marketing strategy to make it successful.

Have a look at the real images of Android Based Blackberry Venice

It was rumored that Android Based Blackberry Venice would not have stock Android, and we were doubtful about Play Store and Google Apps. So the images confirm that this Blackberry Android Phone will have Play store and other Google apps installed.

We can also see the MicroSD card slot close to SIM slot. SIM slot is bigger than MicroSD card slot, and I don’t think Blackberry Android Phone would have Mini SIM slot. It is probably a dual-SIM phone that has one place insert both the SIM.

In terms of Camera, Android Based Blackberry Venice features dual-LED flash as we can see two LEDs in different colors. Leaked images also confirm Slider Physical Keyboard and Android Lollipop OS.

Blackberry Android Phone was rumored to feature a 5.5 inches 2K display, but these images suggest something different. The display size doesn’t look like more than 5-inch, and the display quality is not like 2K display. It has also been rumored to feature 18 MP Primary and 5 MP Secondary camera, Snapdragon 808 64-bit SoC etc.. We will have to wait for Blackberry announcement.


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