Blackberry Venice would not have stock Android

Blackberry Venice is the talk of the town, just because Blackberry is entering Android world. Earlier we published an article with the leaked images and video of Android based Blackberry Venice, that showed up with the physical/sliding keyboard. Today we have something new to tell you.

Blackberry Venice would not have Stock Android, just like so many other devices available in the market. Xiaomi is one of them that produces such Android Phones. I hope they don’t repeat the mistake of making creepy Android phone like Nokia did in case of Nokia X and XL. This rumor is based on the leaked screenshot of .apk blackberry apps.

Blackberry Venice is no stock Android Smartphone

It seems Blackberry is ready for the customization, and will launch Blackberry Venice with customized version of Android. People don’t mind as long as it has good user interface. Blackberry must add Play store to ease the trouble that users face when any device lacks it.

Android based Blackberry Venice has been rumored to features 64-bit Snapdragon 808 SoC, 5.5-inch 2K display, 3GB RAM, 18 MP primary and 5 MP Secondary Camera. It would launch in November this year on all major carriers in the US.



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