What is BuySellAds, Is AdClerks really an Alternative to BuySellAds ?

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You must have read many articles about BuySellAds alternative, but I doubt if you really found one. There are thousands of articles that have been written by many bloggers who suggest some great alternatives to BuySellAds. However, something is missing, isn’t it? Publisher never stop looking for, because they are not getting the right website.

What is BuySellAds, and why people look for its alternative?

BuySellAds is an Ad Marketplace. Publishers sell the ad space on their blogs or websites, Advertisers buy it. BuySellAds work as a middleman that keeps its commission. Here are some features that are hard to find with any ad networks;

  • A very strong base of Advertisers.
  • Only selected publishers are shown in the marketplace.
  • Publishers can set the desired eCPM rate to monetize their blog. BuySellAds is probably the only Ad Marketplace where you can get the best eCPM rate for your ad inventory.
  • Publishers can monetize almost all the traffic. If a Publisher is not getting Advertiser, he/she can choose to join BuySellAds Unreserved to monetize those unsold ad inventory.

These are the primary reasons people keep looking for BuySellAds alternative.

Why BuySellAds Doesn’t Approve My Website or Blog?

Many of you may have this question. BuySellAds let publishers reapply once a month, However, they may keep rejecting you several time if you are rejected in your first chance. BuySellAds is very choosy in terms of selection. If you have minimum 50,000 unique visitors, you can apply for BuySellAds. They pick only those sites that are in demand. For example, they won’t accept a tech sites if they already have many, and their ad inventories are still unsold. You may think that you get 1 million visitors each month, but only traffic doesn’t make your blog acceptable for BuySellAds Ad Marketplace. If you already serve many ads on your blog, your rejection is guaranteed. There are many other factors, like Social Media Activity, Blog Design, Ad Placement Opportunity, Keywords etc..

Accept The Tragedy of Rejection

You may keep sending messages to BuySellAds, but they will never give you the real reason why your website got rejected. They copy and paste the same message, and send it to users. So you can just assume what may have gone wrong, and try again.

Should I reapply for BuySellAds

You can reapply once a month, but it is waste of time in 99% of cases if you had already taken care of these things before applying first time;

  • Your Blog were receiving minimum 50K unique visitors each month.
  • You were not serving so many ads or spam ads. While applying keep the number of ads as low as you can. Sites with Content ads, like MGID, AdNow are rejected (BuySellAds won’t comment on it). If you have seen any sites with such ads with BuySellAds, they have added those ads after approval from BuySellAds.
  • Your blog had a simple and user friendly design. The blog page should not be stuffed with content and images in a way that is hard to navigate. Avoid using full page slider images above the fold.
  • Your Website had regularly unique updated content.

If you think you missed something, you can reapply. If you still get rejected, work on Keywords and content. Whether you believe it or not, no Ad Network can beat Adsense. AdSense is CPC ad network, but it pays much higher depending on keywords.

Is AdClerks really a BuySellAds alternative?

Adclerks is BuySellAds alternative

  • It let Publishers set desired price for Ad banners.

AdClerks is not BuySellAds alternative

  • Not enough Advertiser. You may have all the ad inventory unsold even for several months.
  • They misguide Publishers. While adding an ad zone it suggests eCPM rates to its publishers. For example, $5 is shown to tech bloggers as average eCPM for 300 x 250 banner. $2 is shown as low eCPM rate. However, they already know that even ad zone with $1 CPM rate can’t be sold on their marketplace. Almost all the websites have unsold ad inventory on their marketplace.
  • No Advertiser, No Money! They don’t have unreserved ads like BuySellAds. You can use Backfill ad tags if you are already serving ads from other ad Networks.
  • Impression count is much lower compared to Adsense banner for the same place.


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