Why my Google Adsense Publisher Account got blocked

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Google Adsense Blocked

This is the most common question that I have seen on many forums and social media websites. Users keep asking why their Adsense Account got blocked, but no one knows exactly why. Google blocks so many Adsense Publisher account due to various reasons, and it is not possible for them to send everyone a email with proper description. So they have got a couple for format that that works like copy and paste, and that email is sent to the concerned Adsense Publishers.

We are in the habit of skipping terms and conditions, and we always agree almost all of the online terms policy without reading. However, when it comes to money, you need to be more careful. There is no perfect alternative of Google Adsense so far, so an Adsense Publisher should always play safe. Before you go ahead to place Adsense Ads on your blog, don’t forget to read Google’s Adsense Policy.

Don’t wait for a warning email from Adsense as they don’t send a warning in most of the cases. Your Adsense Account will get banned without a warning. If you don’t want to get banned, you should know Google’s Adsense Policy. We have listed some of the most important policy that you should take care of;

You may get bored reading such large content, but it can save your Adsense Account from getting banned

How many Google Adsense Ads are allowed per page?

  1. Maximum 3 Banner Ads
  2. Maximum 3 link Ads
  3. Maximum 2 Search Boxes
  4. New Banners : 2 Page-leve ad banners for Mobile devices that will not be counted in banner limitation. Learn more about Page-level ads

Clarification on number on ads Adsense Ads on your blog

So you are allowed to place maximum 8 Ads, but….

Banner Ads

Banner Ads cannot be more than 3. Here is an example of Banner Ads

Adsense Banner ad

Adsense Publishers are not allowed to place more than one large banner on each page. Example of large banner ads; 300 x 600, 300 x 1050, 970 x 250, 750 x 200, 580 x 400 etc..

Link Ads

Along with 3 Banner ads (also known as Adsense for Content), Publishers are allowed to server 3 link ads. Link ads are available in various size that you can use. Here is an example of link Ad

Adsens Link Ad

Adsense for Search or Search Box

A maximum of 2 search boxes can be placed on your website. However, don’t you think 2 search box on each page looks awkward. So it’s better to use one box to take care of site design.

Make sure you don’t remove Google Logo from Adsense Search Box, it is against Adsense policy. However, you are free to adjust Search Box size. Here is an example of Adsense for search box

Adsense for search

If you put more than allowed banners, link ads or search boxes, it will lead in getting your Adsense Publisher account banned for sure.

Mobile Pages : The limit mentioned above is applicable for Mobile pages as well, but make sure you place ad in such way that two Adsense Ads should not appear at the same time on mobile pages

Publishing Gambling, betting or Adult article and linking such sites

Google doesn’t stop any blogger to accept Sponsored posts as long as the link are “no follow.” It doesn’t mean you can publish anything for money. Most of the time bloggers get great deals from Gambling related sites that can pay you even a thousand dollar for one Sponsored post. However, your Adsense Account will be blocked for such content even with “no follow link”. Adsense terms don’t allow to serve ads on any site that publish betting/adult articles or content.

Serving Adsense Ads are not allowed

  • Placing ads on video player, or to make a video player design, and serve ad on it could be a complete disaster. Get rid of it now
  • Serving Ads on such page that has no content, like Error Page, Thank You Page etc. are not allowed at all
  • No Ads for such pages that involves auto refresh, like Live Chat, Instant Messaging etc.
  • Never place Adsense Ads on News Letter, email messages, browser extension, applications etc.. Only Web Pages can be used
  • Adsense ads cannot be modified to open in new window
  • You can’t serve Adsense on any Website or blog that has more than 3 popup ads. Popup ads drives visitors away, it is better no to use such ads. Popup ads also distribute viruses, and Google will ban you if found so
  • Adsense Ads are not allowed to place on such blog or websites that deals in pirated content, hack, crack etc.
  • If you have a website that allows users to play games, make sure the distance between Adsense Ad and gameplay window is minimum 150 pixels
  • Using Adsense ads on duplicate or misleading content is strictly prohibited
  • Never place more than one ad at the top of the site (in header). If multiple ads push the content below the fold, your Adsense account will get banned

Getting Banned because of Clicks

  • You can’t request users to click ads to support you or use such terms on your blog. Never even join Click exchange forums or social media groups. Google Index is very powerful, and it knows wherever your site link is placed
  • Accidental clicks by you once in a blue moon doesn’t harm as it may happen. However, if it happens continuously, Google knows what you are doing. Using VPN for such activity will also end up losing your publisher account

Fake clicks and traffic : Shortcut to generate revenue

There is no shortcut. If you use any software or bot that generates fake visitors and fake clicks. I can guarantee that you won’t receive even one payment from Adsense. Fake visitors generated from many apps look quite real, and it also shows on Adsense, but Google knows it very well.