30 days test drive for latest Samsung Smartphone for $1

30 days test drive for samsung smartphone for 1 USD

Samsung is leaving no stone unturned snatching Apple users. Samsung is running a promotion in the US exclusive for iPhone users. Apple iPhone Users can try one of the latest Samsung smartphone for 30 days, and it will cost them only $ 1. This is a test drive that is an attempt to make iPhone users feel how good Samsung smartphones are.

30 days test drive in includes three Samsung Smartphones

How to avail 30 days test drive for latest Samsung smartphone

You need to visit SamsungPromotions.com from your iPhone and follow the instruction. You can use the device on your current carrier, and compare the experience between iPhone and the Samsung smartphone. If you like it, you can switch after 30 days. However, switching doesn’t offer you something special, but you can look for the best offer available for your location. If you don’t want to switch, simply return the device.

30 days free trial for Samsung Smartphone

 Tip : If you want to avail this trial, go for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has the best display among all smartphones (including Android, iOS and platforms). The chipset/SoC is same in all three devices, but S6 Edge Plus and Note 5 features 4GB RAM that is 1GB more than Galaxy S6.

Will you go for this test drive offered by Samsung?

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