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Some very useful tips for Mac usrrs

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Those who have been using Mac for long time, already know many of the tricks. However, we are going to discuss some very useful tips and tricks for Mac users that will be beneficial for new as well as Mac Users.

How to Preview images documents, videos or audios before uploading or attaching in mail or anywhere online

If you are trying to upload any picture or documents online, or just assume that you are attaching a file in Mail, and you are in attachment window and selecting a file. If you want to preview before attaching them, simple select the file and Press Space Bar from keyboard. A small window will pop up, you can see/watch/listen then file. Now you got the right file, you can upload them.

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How to insert One or Multiple Emojis’ Emotions or Symbols

Whether you are creating a document, sending mails or messages or commenting so Social Media, you can insert Cool Emojis and Symbols. To do that follow these steps;

  • Click on Edit (located in Menu Bar at the top)
  • Click on Emojis & Symbols
  • Now click on any Emotion you want to insert
  • If you want to insert multiples Emotions, please hold CTRL key and then keep clicking on as many emotions as you want
  • Shortcut Key to open Emojis & Symbols is CTRL+Command Key+Space Bar

How to turn off startup sound in Mac

There is no option is OS X Settings to turn off startup sound. This is only possible via Terminal or third party software. Ignore third party software and use Terminal, as it’s a cake walk.

  • Open Terminal (Type Terminal in Spotlight Search, and open it. Or Go to Launchpad –> Other –> Terminal
  • Type this command (You can copy and paste there) : sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=%80
  • Press Enter, and you need to type Administrator Password, and then Press Enter again
  • You won’t get any confirmation message, but it’s done!
  • Sometimes it does make sound in first Startup, but it will not from the next time when you boot or restart

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