YouTube’s Smart Offline : Play Videos in offline mode

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Smart Offline YouTube

Youtube introduced YouTube offline feature for some countries back in 2014, and now they have taken it to the next level. This new feature of YouTube is called “Smart Offline.”

What is YouTube’s Smart Offline feature?

Smart Offline is a new feature of YouTube that allows users to save the video to play it later in offline mode. Saving video may take time depending on the internet speed, but when you play, there will not be any data consumption.

Who can use YouTube’s Smart Offline feature ?

Why I don’t see Smart Offline feature in my YouTube app?

Unfortunately, Smart Offline feature has been introduced in India only, and it may or may not reach other regions. You must be a Telenor or Airtel Subscriber to use Smart Offline feature. Other careers in India may join later as YouTube has already hinted to make this feature available to all users in India. You must be connected to the internet via cellular data. If you are connected to WiFi network, this feature won’t work. If you don’t meet this requirement, Smart Offline feature is not for you.

Why should I use Smart Offline feature when it still consumes data?

Google doesn’t allow to Download YouTube Videos, but Smart Offline makes the video available for offline play. These days careers offer amazing data plan for night. So you don’t need to awake at night to watch YouTube Videos. Simply set the video to be saved for offline access at night, and you can watch in day time. This way you will also get rid of annoying buffering if the internet speed is not good enough to play youTube Videos.

How to use YouTube’s Smart Offline feature

  • Make sure you have updated YouTube app to the latest available version. You must be connected to internet via cellular data, and logged in to YouTube with your Google ID and Password
  • When you see a video that you want to save, just tap the offline icon (appears in gray color in download button shape)

YouTube Smart Offline

  • Once you hit the offline button, you will get the option as “save overnight” using your career’s discounted night data plan

Select Smart offline feature

  • You may choose video quality while saving, and YouTube will schedule to save the video after peak hours at night to benefit you from cheaper night data plan
  • Your video will be saved for offline access while you sleep, and you can find it in Saved Videos tab under your account

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