YouTube is still blocked in Turkey even after the court order to unblock this video portal

turkey youtube ban

As we know, YouTube was blocked because of the official audio recording leakage where the discussion was about the military action against Syria, and the same audio recording was uploaded on YouTube. This kind of files get shared like anything, so it was on YouTube and then the news is all over the internet now.  Turkey blocked YouTube in the country for this reason, and it happened just after they blocked twitter.

Well, now the Turkey court has issued an order on 9th April (Wednesday) that the video sharing portal should be unblocked now, but the Turkish regulatory, information technology and communication authority has ignored the court order and YouTube remains blocked. According to Hurriyet Daily News, Turkish Regulatory has found around 151 video links on YouTube what they have requested to remove, but only 15 links have been removed so far. So, it seems that YouTube blockage will not be lifted till the time all links are removed, and they have already requested YouTube for the same.

Same kind of situation came in place in case of Twitter, where Turkey court ordered to unblock Twitter on 26th April, but it was ignored and this social website remained block until 3rd April. Now, the same thing is happening with YouTube. Let’s wait for the next step they take, and if Google agrees to remove all the links from its Video Sharing Portal (YouTube).

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