YouTube Collections feature will end on May 20th

YouTube Collections feature

YouTube has started showing the notification when you go to your subscriptions section that YouTube Collections feature will end on May 20th. So after this certain date, anyone will not be able to use this feature. If you want to make any change in your subscription, you can do it before that date or simply leave it as it is, because Collections feature will end not your Subscriptions.

YouTube Collections feature

If you are not familiar with this feature, let me explain it first. YouTube Collections feature allows us to put the playlist from different group or feed in one place and we can choose one name. For ex: If you have subscribed 5 YouTube Subscription about technology updates, you can create a collection naming “Technology Updates or anything you want” and you will have one collection which will also show under Subscription and all the videos from those 5 subscription will show up there.

Google gave no reason or explanation except “they are doing this to make YouTube service better and will bring more enjoyable things.” Practically, there were not so many people who really make any use of this service, and this could be the main reason taking this to an end.

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