Young Users Prefer Snapchat App Over FaceBook Messenger

FaceBook Messenger and Snapchat

FaceBook is the most popular social media website or application with over 1.5 Billion active users worldwide. FaceBook was founded in 2004, and Snapchat was initially released in 2011. FaceBook has many things that Snapchat lacks. FaceBook is available for almost all Platforms, Web, Android, iOS, Windows and so on… Snapchat is available for Android and iOS only. This article is not about the whole FaceBook services, but the FaceBook Messenger app only.

If we say that Snapchat is more popular than FaceBook Messenger, it would be wrong. However, it certainly is if we count young users only. According to Global Data Index report, Snapchat is the most popular application among users aged between 16 to 24. It even beats WhatsApp and all other social messaging apps.

Among all Snapchat users more than half are aged between 16 to 24. Most of the snapchat users (around 83%) are under 35. It is one of the reason FaceBook has acquired Masquerade to bring Photo Filter on FaceBook Applications.

Snapchat vs FaceBook Messenger vs WhatsApp

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