Yahoo will no longer allow access using Google or Facebook for its services

Yahoo! will no longer allow access to several of its online services, which include Flickr or Fantasy Sports for users who log from Google and Facebook accounts. The measure will be implemented gradually, and users must register with Yahoo ID to access portal services.

This is the latest move by the CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, part of a strategy to strengthen the interest of users for the products of the company website as well as to revive the stagnant income in favor of the company. “What do you think if I say that it’s being done for the users betterment? Won’t you put comment? They must have forgot forgot that users will lose the flexibility in this case and company might have more registered users, but many users will not be happy with this change

Since Mayer took over Yahoo! in 2012 the company has launched new versions of many of its major products, which include Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo! announced a program last year to get the old unused email address recycled, so that this will allow users to request new email addresses that had not been used for more than twelve months.

With this new measure to remove access from Facebook and Google, Mayer, who was chief executive of Google, is carrying out a plan contrary to that adopted in 2010 and 2011 under the leadership of Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz.

Login buttons for Facebook and Google will end up being out of all Yahoo! sites, according to company spokesman. However, they have not specify when?

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