Yahoo will launch its own video portal like YouTube


It’s been a long time we have been using YouTube which is owned by Google, and YouTube doesn’t have any good competitor. There are video sites, like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metacafe and Veoh, but they couldn’t compete YouTube so far. Now, Yahoo! is on its way to create a video portal like YouTube, and Yahoo! Ceo Marissa Mayer said that she would make it even better. Now, the problem what arises for Yahoo! is finding good video makers and companies who will agree to join Yahoo!. Now Yahoo! is trying to attract those video makers and companies who already doing the same job for YouTube, and to make them join Yahoo! they are offering better revenues and promotions for their videos.

As we know that Yahoo! tried to buy DailyMotion which could help Yahoo! to start their video portal with a blast, but Yahoo failed. Yahoo! might buy other video portals to boost their business and make their video portal success and compete YouTube. The guess can’t be true, but that’s the expectation. Let’s wait for Yahoo! to reveal the right picture.

Well, Yahoo! is wise enough, and they know the business strategy, but they have a great challenge to compete YouTube. I think, they should start a video platform without annoying ads before each video, and this strategy can get Yahoo! more visitors. Earlier, I loved YouTube, but now I always try to find other option because it doesn’t matter what the duration of the video is, but you need to watch the annoying ads before each video. It’s really frustrating when you log on to YouTube to watch a promo or ad of 2-3 minutes, and you are forced to watch an ad before the video. So, Yahoo! can get the advantage of this option to make a good start of its video portal. Hopefully, they will launch it in few months once they make a good business strategy and find the right video makers and company.

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