Sony Xperia Z5 Compact will get update next week to fix touch issue

Xperia Z5 compact white touch issue

Sony Mobile official forum is full with comments and posts about the Xperia Z5 Compact touch bug. It’s been some days when users started facing this issue, the touch bug makes it difficult to type. It doesn’t recognize the input if user tap once or register multiple inputs of one command.

This is not the first time Sony device has ran into this problem, Xperia Z3 users also faced the same issue. In case of Xperia Z3, turning off double tap to wake feature was helpful to resolve touch bug to some extent. There is something strange about Xperia Z5 compact that is hard to believe. Only White color of the model has this issue, and Sony also accepted.

Sony admitted that Xperia Z5 Compact white color is the only model facing this issue, and they didn’t receive touch bug complaint for any other model or color. The Japanese company also told that they have found the root cause of the issue, but didn’t explain what it is. Sony announced to release update at the beginning of the next week (26 October), that is intended to fix the touch bug. They have not clarified if the update will be released for white color of Xperia Z5 compact models or for all colors, because most the update come to a specific model regardless the color variation.

Here is Sony mobile statement

Sony mobile statment of xperia z5 touch bug


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