Xiaomi reaches Africa : launch date, devices and price

Xiaomi launch in Africa

Xiaomi is the fastest growing smartphone company that is counted among renowned brands now. Xiaomi is expanding its market in more countries now. After Singapore, India and Malaysia, Xiaomi is ready for African market. Xiaomi will reach Africa in September 2015.

Xiaomi will launch its devices in 50 countries that constitute sub-Saharan Africa. Mobile in Africa Limited has been appointed as distributor. RJ van Spaandonk is a tech entrepreneur and precedent of the company. He has the experience of distributing Apple devices in 14 countries of sub-saharan Africa, because he is the most recent executive director of Core Group.

RJ van Spaandonk mentioned that Xiaomi provides great devices in affordable price, and this will really suite the middle-class users in Africa. He also mentioned that Xiaomi makes its devices available directly to consumers via internet, and they will try their best to apply this in African countries. So they are setting 14 online stores across Africa to sell Xiaomi devices.

The initial launch will have two devices available for sale : Xiaomi Redmi 2 and and Mi 4. Redmi 2 will be sold for 1,999 ZAR (around $ 155), and Mi 4 in Africa will have a price tag of 3,999 ZAR (Around $ 309). The Price is much expensive compared to other market, like Redmi 2 in India costs 5,999 RS (around $ 91) and Mi 4 costs 15,000 RS (around $ 227).

Africa is known as one of the most growing place in terms of telecommunication and smartphone usage. Even with that price tag Xiaomi devices would be the cheapest one compared to technical specifications of other brands. The price in Indian market was also high, but they brought the price down gradually. So you can expect something like that in Africa as well. After the launch of 2 devices, Xiaomi should bring more soon. They are starting with 2 devices, one of them costs very less and other one is little expensive. So lower and middle lever both can afford.

African users must be excited about it, but we don’t have the exact date of launch. However, the launch in September has been reported by Forbes.


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