Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Transformation into 3D Robot “Soundwave”

What do you expect from a tablet, to run operating system, play games, use for fun, educational purpose etc.. How about a tab transformation into a robot? Sounds surprising, right? Well, Xiaomi is doing something like that in China.

Xiaomi VP, Hugo Barra has made a Facebook post showing how cool it looks. In the post he said;

Xiaomi and Hasbro are collaborating for the first time crowdfunding a kickass robot model named Soundwave in China. Instead of a vehicle transforming into a robot, this time, it’s Mi Pad 2 that gets the Transformers treatment.

They have worked to invent a unique piece of robot that will look and feel like Mi Pad 2. They managed to do this with 30-step folding assembly, and that turned out into a cool robot. You can have a look at these images;

Mi Pad 2 transformation into Robot


Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 3D Robot

Mi Pad 2 Robot Soundwave Mi Pad 2 conversion into 3D Robot

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