Xiaomi Mi Notebook Exposure

Xiaomi Mi Notebook

We published an article earlier about Xiaomi Mi Notebook, now we have more information on that. Xiaomi is an innovative company that produce many things along with smartphones. Xiaomi devices are sold like hot cakes just because they use premium hardware, and make it available at the cheapest price compared to other companies. You can expect a high- end laptop (Mi Notebook) at affordable price as well.

Mi Notebook has not been confirmed officially, but the rumor is all over the internet. This rumor got more stronger when Lenovo’s former vice president, Wei Jun joined Xiaomi. Wei Jun joined Lenovo back in 1992. He served as General Manager of consumers PC devision, and later promoted to General Manager of Global consumer Notebook. When he left Lenovo was working as Vice President. So he has long term experience in consumer notebook field. Currently, Lenovo has hold on 20 to 25 percent PC market in China. They will face a great challenge once Xiaomi Mi Noteboo hits the stores.

According to source, Xiaomi Mi Notebook would be wrapped in metal body. Xiaomi seems to be following Apple marketing trend in terms of smartphone as well as Notebook. Another leak from Weibo suggests that Mi Notebook will be price at 3000 Chinese Yuan (around $473). It would feature 15 inches display, and will use Linux OS rather than Windows. Usually users replace it with Windows later, that should not be a problem for those who want to use Windows OS. It has also been reported that some of its components will be supplied by Samsung.

Xiaomi is expected to use Intel Core i5 processor in Mi Notebook, what else we can expect for $473? They might launch a couple of Mi Notebooks with Intel Core i5 as well Core i7 Processor, and will set the price accordingly. However, don’t expect any Mi Notebook this year. Even in 2016, it is not expected to arrive even in the first quarter.

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