Xbox One will be updated on the 11th of February: goodbye to many initial problems

When Xbox One debuted in November left us feeling very good. However, the software was one of his weaknesses. Understandable when you consider that this is nothing new console. Microsoft is aware of this, began working on an update to fix all these problems.

Through Major Nelson found out that Microsoft already has a date for the Xbox One big update: February 11. Most of the latest news and reviews and will not see in the background. Now you can imagine what the purpose: improve the performance of software, make some smoother transitions.

Besides fixing several problems, this update comes with a few novelties. On the one hand something that many were demanding: to see the space we had on the hard drive and be able to manage at will. We may also review the download queue and have greater control of everything. Another interesting detail: Applications and games listed separately.

How much life is left in the battery cells? Don’t need to wait any longer to find out. The indicator back and can consult on the bottom of the main menu. Tired of typing with the virtual keyboard? We can also connect a keyboard USB .

Nearly three months after launch, it was necessary that Microsoft launched an update to solve the initial problems and add some new step. Wishing we are coming to see if they have really kept their word.

By next March fourth, release date Titalfall also have a new update. Major Nelson says that revolve around this triple-Microsoft, but we will also see improved multiplayer modes Xbox One will be attentive.

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