Women are the main reason behind social media success

women on social network

A survey has been conducted regarding the social media usage to find out the usage among men and women, and the report shows that the women are more active than man when it comes to use social networks except Linkedin. As we know that Linkedin is different from other social network, and people are not there to have fun but to find good opportunities to make their career. Here the report is!

social media

If we talk about the Facebook usage, the percentage of US adult women are 76% whereas 66% of US adult men usage Facebook. The same kind of percentage you will find with other social media as well, like Tumblr: 54% US adult women and 46% US Adult men, Pinterest has a huge difference which is 33 and 8 percent respectively for US adult women and men. Twitter doesn’t have a great difference, though women win here as well with 1%.

It is found that US Adult women come online more frequently to check updates, so the percentage of women are 30%, and the men got 26%. 46% of women use smartphone for social network and 32% go online through the tablet, whereas 20% of men use tablet and 43% of men use smartphone to go online.

Whether we talk about brand promotion or checking social network for news, women win everywhere about the usage. Let’s have a look at this infographic published by FInances Online.

infographic about social media usage

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