WinX MediaTrans: A Perfect iTunes Alternative for Windows to Manage iPhone

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As we already know iOS devices are dependent on iTunes to sync data, like Videos, Music etc.. However, there are many things that iTunes doesn’t allow to do. For example, all the music files that you download from the iTunes Store cannot be used on other devices because they are DRM protected. In the same way, if you have a video in a format that iPhone doesn’t support (e.g. .mkv), iTunes will not let you add or sync. Let’s know in detail what you can achieve with this app.

Why WinX MediaTrans Is the Best Alternative to iTunes

WinX MediaTrans is a third party application that breaks the boundaries of iTunes’ limitation and set you free from limited options. Know these features of the app to understand WInX MediaTrans in a better way.


Photo Transfer

The photo transfer feature allows transferring photos between computer and iOS devices. However, it’s way safer than the normal transfer. You can use the encryption option while exporting images from iPhone to Computer to password protect your important and personal photos.


Music Transfer (Along with DRM Protected Music)

You can easily sync music files between computer and iOS devices. So adding music files and deleting them is just on your fingertip. Please note that while Exporting music files from iPhone to Computer, you will not be able to export any DRM Protected files. You first need to use the DRM removal feature of the app and then you are free from the limitation. You can even Edit, Delete, and Add a new Playlist.


Making New Ringtones

WinX MediaTrans app allows you creating ringtones with ease. You can simply add any song that you want to use as a ringtone, select start and end time, create it, and sync.


Managing Videos (along with unsupported video files)

Whether you want to add new videos to iPhone or delete them, WinX MediaTrans will let you do that. The app also allows exporting videos from your iOS device to computer. The good thing about this app is that it recognizes automatically whether the video is in supported or unsupported format. If unsupported, you can simply click on Convert option to convert to MP4. The app also compresses the video to reduce the size without destroying the quality.


Managing eBooks and Removing its DRM

Just like music files the books are also DRM protected that you download from the iTunes store and those eBooks cannot be exported to the computer if you want to read them on the large screen. However, WinX MediaTrans can do that for you. You can add new books, export and also delete with the help of this app.

There are many other features that make Windows MediaTrans app a great iTunes Alternative for Windows. It allows to Password Protect folders and files on Windows computer to safeguard all your private files. You can also manage voice memo with this app, and this app also supports Flash Drive that enables users to directly add files to flash drive with ease.

Note: WinX MediaTrans is running a giveaway for a few days that gives you the chance to get the app free of cost. There are a number of free licenses that are issued every day. So you may not want to miss this.