Windows XP: No security updates, users are at risk

windows Xp

Windows XP used be the most popular OS and it completed a long journey of 12 years and Microsoft continued to provide technical support as well, but after 12 years Microsoft decided to stop all supports and it finally ended on 8th April, and prompt its users to upgrade to Windows 8.1. Well, Windows 8.1 can’t be installed in all XP computers as there might be configuration issue and they can check using Microsoft upgradation tool whether the PC would support or not.  There are lots of users who still use Windows XP which is quite risky now. Microsoft has already clarified that they won’t provide any technical support as well as updates, even Microsoft Essential is not available for windows XP now, though the existing users will receive the updates for Microsoft Essential for a limited period of time, but the system is always at risk even you get the updates for the antivirus,, because Microsoft will not issue any security updates or security patches for Windows XP.

We still have a number of companies and IT firms who use Windows XP, but Windows 7 is leading now. Here is a picture which shows the figure of the OS usage.

OS usage graph


We know about the heartbleed bug and its vulnerability which can be used by hackers to steal data even from a secure network, and Microsoft knows that this vulnerability might cause issue while using Internet explorer (version 6-11). So, Microsoft is prepared to provide to security patches and updates to keep the users safe from loosing any secure data or information, but Windows XP users will not get such updates that means they are at risk of getting affected if they don’t upgrade to Windows 7 Or any other versions of Windows 8. So, if you are really concerned about your privacy and important data, you have no other option but changing the operating system. 

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