Windows 10 update Build 14279 making devices Freeze

Windows 10 update bug

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 update on March 4, and the new update (build 14279) has brought new features and fixes to the device, but it has also brought bugs that you won’t like at all. Let’s know about the new features as well as bugs.

New features in Windows 10 Update Build 14279

  • Now Cortana is available in more languages, that includes French (Canada), Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Mexico)
  • Cortana can remember stuffs and remind you later if you forget. Command Cortana to “Remind me to Read [Book Name]” or “Remind me to [your action word here].” You can set time and location at a later time, so Cortana can surface the detail or remind your at the most relevant time
  • You used to have 2 separate background, one for lock screen and another for logon screen. Now they have merged it, and there will be one background only
  • Now Japanese users can use smoother typing and more predictive texts with improved Input Method Editor (IME)

Fixes that new Windows 10 update has brought

  • Blue screen issue while downloading driver from Windows Update is fixed
  • Copied or moved file to desktop was invisible until manual refresh, it is fixed now
  • Issue with Cortana that used to show reminders even after completion has been fixed
  • Now Cortana and Microsoft Edge doesn’t crash for users with Roaming Profile

Bugs with new Update Build 14279

  • The latest updates freezes SurfaceBook, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3, and then you can’t use touch, trackpad and keyboard. The only way to make it work is hard reboot by pressing and holding the Power Key
  • PCs freezes or get blue screen after resuming from hibernation. The solution is to disable this option until Microsoft releases another update/fix
  • Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security has stopped working, and there is no way to fix. Microsoft has asked to wait for the next update and use Windows Defender or third party Anti Virus tool meanwhile
  • Notification Area (Systray) is messed up after the update, and it has gone out of alignment
  • QQ, Windows Live Mail and Expression Encoder 4 also encountering issue that leads them to crash
  • Now you can’t connect to the WiFi network secured with WEP Encrypted security. You will have change it to WPA or WPA2, else wait for the next update.

It seems there are more bugs than fixes, especially Freezing issue. If you have not updated to the latest version, you have better wait for the next update and skip this one.


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