Why some of the groups don’t show up under my Facebook Profile?

Sometimes you may feel that all the groups you have joined on Facebook, are not showing up under your profile or in the side bar as shortcut, and you can still post on those groups if you have got the link saved as Bookmark. However, all those groups are right there, but you need to check it right way.

How to see all the groups you have joined on FaceBook?

Method 1

  • Visit FaceBook.com, login with your ID and Password (If you are not logged in)
  • Click on your Name (located beside Home button), and now you should be on your profile page

FaceBook Profile

  • Under your profile page, Click More option, and Select Groups

Groups on FaceBook

  • When you are in Group Page, you will see the groups you have joined. If you think any or some groups are not appearing on the page, click the Pencil Symbol, and then click See All Groups

See All groups on FaceBook


  • Now you will be able to see all the Groups you have joined

Method 2

While browsing FaceBook you must have noticed many options that appear on the left side by default. These are the shortcuts that have been added for users’ convenience. Hover the mouse on Group, and click more. Now all the groups will appear.

Social Networking sites are very useful if you wish to promote something for free. Facebook is the best social media site where you can find many relevant and useful groups, and there are many groups with thousands of members that can see your stuffs/updates when you post in a group. So don’t miss Group feature of Facebook.

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