WhatsApp will not store personal data

Just a few weeks ago, the technology world was witnessing surprising news: Facebook , the social network of a billion users, had decided to buy WhatsApp. Since then, rumors about the future operation of the instant messaging application have not stopped ringing. So much so that many users who are concerned about how this service will start storing data from now. Do not forget that to date, WhatsApp was characterized by not keeping conversations on their servers that users remain through the system. Unfortunately, after buying WhatsApp or a company or another have offered specific details about the price or the privacy of the application. The fact is that, to shelve this issue, Jan Koum , cofounder and CEO of WhatsApp , explained on the official company blog that the successful messaging service will not become a device for data extraction.

whatsapp and fb“Respect for the privacy of users is encoded, “says Koum . It is true that since its launch, the platform WhatsApp has its cornerstone non-personal data collection and the absence of invasive advertising. For them, one of the goals has always been to enable people to communicate freely and without fear. It seems that Facebook will not prevent this, but it is clear that taking into account the background and knowledge of the functioning of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, is not surprising that the public is reluctant to continue thinking about the sacrifice of all the premises to have now been the foundation of WhatsApp .

In the same statement, Koun explained that WhatsApp have not reached any agreement with Facebook if the company had been forced to change a single comma of its principles or operating guidelines. For the manager, all information that have been made so far in the press are just baseless speculation . In fact, some media have stated on numerous occasions since its acquisition, WhatsApp would become a new source of personal data that would be collected by the engines of Facebook and would serve to direct new rounds of advertising to unsuspecting users. The CEO of WhatsApp has clarified that the service will continue to operate independently and that neither in form nor in substance changes will occur in the system.


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