WhatsApp will have calling feature soon

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Image : iPhoneItalia

It was announced by the WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum that WhatApp will have calling feature in the application, but no date has been mentioned. We know that Facebook bought WhatsApp and thereafter, we found a number of rumors about WhatApp, but it is still booming, and recently they reported that WhatsApp achieved the success of processing 64 billion messages in 24 hrs. So, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is still the number one social messaging application.

When something is already better, and someone adds more values to it, it feels great. That’s what WhatsApp is planning. WhatsApp will have calling feature soon in the application, and we would be able to make voice calls over internet protocol (VOIP). Now, the question is that whether it will be free or we need to pay or buy a calling plan, like other VOIP service providers. It’s still unclear, but I assume the calling feature would be free if you are making calls to any Online WhatsApp users, and they might add addition feature of calling non WhatsApp user, where users need to pay some certain amount just the way Skype does. WhatsApp has a leaked picture as well where the calling feature has been indicated. Let’s have a look at the below image originally published by iPhoneItaliya.

Well, the buyer company “Facebook” already has calling feature what comes with its messenger app. If you have Facebook Messenger App installed on your smartphone, you get the option to make free calls to your friends who is online and has installed messenger as well. So, that’s for sure they will add calling feature to WhatsApp to make a better app the best.

It is expected that WhatsApp will add a calling icon where you can click and make call to your friend, and when a message pops, you can reply without disconnecting the call. They will probably add the contacts tab there, so the users can search the contacts directly instead of using the current process to add a contact.