WhatsApp Security Breaches

This week came to light a report by security consultant Bosschert Bas , who pointed out that WhatsaApp suffered a major security flaw that could allow hackers to access a user talks.

According to Bosschert, WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, has a problem in the way it manages its backups, since it stores the conversations in the mobile MicroSD card. WhatsApp has tried to defend itself by sending a statement to Mashable “in which they state that the users would only be at rist if they install malicious applications, or have a virus.

whatsapp security breach“Under normal circumstances the data on a memory card are not exposed. However, if the device owner download “Malware” or virus, your phone will be at risk, “they said. “As always, WhatsApp Users are recommended to install all software updates to make sure you have the latest security patches and strongly encourage users to only download softwares of trusted company, becasue the app store is full of lots of software and if they downlaod a software which contains virus, they there might be problem

WhatsApp notes that this risk can be any mobile in which you download a malicious application that is not a problem specific to their service. The report noted that Booschert WhatsApp failure mechanism was at data backup. This is done to prevent the loss of messages or contacts when the application is reinstalled or the same account to another device moves. The problem, noted researcher , was that the application uses the same encryption code for all processes and all users, instead of a single key.

This database is stored in the external memory of the phone (MicroSD Card), according to the expert, the “encrypted” information could be read by any other Android device which gives the user access to it. Many applications request permission to access the data on the card and the user accepts regardless.

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