WhatsApp new social messaging record: Processed 64 Billion messages in a day

WhatsApp has announced that it has reached a new record of messages sent in one day: 64 billion (64,000 million) over a period of 24 hours. The figure taking into account the number of people reaching the same message, for example: if you are in a group of 10 people, then it multiplies the messages 10 times whenever it’s sent. Yesterday, WhatsApp has posted a tweet explaining that they have processed 20 billion inbound messages and 44 billion outbound in 24 hrs. Have a look at the below screenshot of the WhatsApp tweet.

whats app tweet

A year ago, WhatsApp processed 27,000 million messages per day, so the new figures confirm that there has been significant growth. The instant messaging platform also announced this year that has passed the 465 million active users.

Since the time Facebook acquired WhatsApp many issues and rumor raised, like Facebook will use ads, the security breach and WhatApp reported later they will not store any personal data. Now, the usage of WhatsApp doesn’t leave any bad impact of all those issues. WhatsApp still rocks, even the usage has increased.

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